3 Ways to Use Forums to Improve Your Blog

Angelo’s recent post about forums has made me think about how I’ve been using forums recently to improve my blog.  Forums are one of the most underrated blogging tools.  Many bloggers don’t use them, but I’ve found them to be a valuable source of traffic, ideas, and feedback. Here are three ways to use forums […]

How Important is the Design of Your Blog?

I’ve been thinking a lot about blog design because in the last couple of days, I’ve gotten some compliments out of blue on one of my blog’s designs.  This was surprising because I don’t think the design is exceptional.  The design is based on a popular premium theme, which I modified with my limited coding […]

5 Social Media Tips and Tricks That Work

Since social media is such a powerful tool for increasing the traffic to your blog, I’ve tried many different social media tips.  Here are five of the best tips that have worked for my sites and our clients’ sites. 1. Befriend power users. Power users are the users that exert the most influence on social […]

The Two Core Principles to Building Quality Links

I like to keep things simple when it comes to building quality links. If you make link building too complicated, you can often over analyze and overthink things that you don’t get much done. Most of my quality links have come from applying these two simple principles. Connecting I like what Aaron Wall at SEO […]

In Link Building, Quality Trumps Quantity

One of the misconceptions many bloggers have about SEO is the more links, the better. This statement is misleading because not all links are created equal.  As I do SEO work for Performancing Services, I often come across sites with a low number of links doing well on the search engines.  These sites outrank their […]