Free Forum Scripts that Work with WordPress

Want to add a forum to your WordPress blog or website?  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Don’t need a lot of highly advanced features? If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the post for you! There are a lot of forum scripts and tools to create forums out there.  […]

3 Ways to Use Forums to Improve Your Blog

Angelo’s recent post about forums has made me think about how I’ve been using forums recently to improve my blog.  Forums are one of the most underrated blogging tools.  Many bloggers don’t use them, but I’ve found them to be a valuable source of traffic, ideas, and feedback. Here are three ways to use forums […]

Why WickedFire is a Great Forum to Learn Online Business and Marketing

Look, if you’re interested in joining a forum where everyone is polite but nobody is making serious money, try WarriorForum or DigitalPoint. Those two, for example, have very strict etiquette rules but only one “minor” problem. Simply put, lots of WarriorForum and DigitalPoint members talk the talk but few of them walk the walk. Do […]

Three Things I’ve Learned Building A Forum

This past week, I’ve been working my tail off on the WordPress Tavern forum. What an experience it’s been in just seven days. When I first decided that I wanted to attach a forum to the WPTavern website, I was inundated with suggestions from users on which forum software I should use. Everything from PHPBB3, […]

Introduction Into Creative Commons

How many of you have thought about protecting the content you create on your blog? Besides copyrighting your material, you may want to look into using one of the various Creative Commons licenses that are available. Using the Creative Commons licensing program, you can actively decide on which grounds your content can and can not […]

Interview With Chris Pearson of Pearsonified

Today is a great day. Chris Pearson gave me the chance to pick his brain. As one of the most sought-after (and most elusive) WordPress theme designers out there, this was a major coup for Performancing! Enjoy. And if you’re looking for a great theme for your next blogging project, make sure to check out […]

Another Timeline Tool: Dipity TimeTube

Last month, I wrote about various timeline tools and how they’re a great way to present temporally-based information. I’ve been using SIMILE Timeline and MyTimeline for a number of projects. (MyTimeline is built on SIMILE Timeline.) Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to embed videos into the timeline events in SIMILE Timeline. Now there’s TimeTube […]

Why I Like Working With Girls Better Than Most Guys

I’ve been working online long enough to have learned a few lessons. Lesson Numero Uno: Girls, on average, are much better working partners than guys. It’s as good as a scientific law. I’ve worked with enough people (hundreds) to feel confident in my conclusion. Now this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good guys out […]

When the Powerful Pontificate, I Puke

Why the slippery slope argument doesn’t work for theme sponsorships, and why people in power make bad decisions look good I’m going to keep this short and sweet. When successful and powerful people pontificate about taking the “the high ground” and establish policies based on the good of the community your first instinct should be […]

Where are the Women?

As the BlogHer dates are announced, I’m wondering where the women are in professional blogging? I see a few in here at Performancing, but not very many. As Scoble just said “Seeing fat white guys talk all the time just gets really boring”. So, where are you? We know you’re out there…