Spice Up Your Blog With 7 jQuery Goodies

You invested a great deal of time and effort into getting your website ready for the world to view. While content is definitely the most important thing, a little eye candy never hurt either. Rather than gambling with proprietary plugins like Flash player, it is better to use tools that every browser on every device […]

5 Websites to Learn CSS and HTML

There are many books and websites that offer tutorials and articles to help beginners learn CSS and HTML — both of which can be extremely useful to bloggers, particularly WordPress users who self-host their blogs and want to edit their themes. However, finding free online resources that are easy for beginners with no CSS or […]

Do You Tweet to Read or Do You Tweet to Write?

I’ve observed several celebrity Twitter users to have a friend/follower ratio that is heavily skewed toward the follower side. This means they have a huge following, but follow only a very few people. While most do reply to tweets related to them or directly sent to them as @replies, a lot are probably just using […]

Notepad++ My New Favorite Code Editor

Unless you use a hosted blogging service such as WordPress.com or Blogger, chances are you’ve had to touch the code within your theme or blogging software of choice. For a longtime, I was a big fan of Dreamweaver. But that program is expensive. Once I got sick of the cost, I went out and searched […]