Spice Up Your Blog With 7 jQuery Goodies

You invested a great deal of time and effort into getting your website ready for the world to view. While content is definitely the most important thing, a little eye candy never hurt either. Rather than gambling with proprietary plugins like Flash player, it is better to use tools that every browser on every device […]

5 Websites to Learn CSS and HTML

There are many books and websites that offer tutorials and articles to help beginners learn CSS and HTML — both of which can be extremely useful to bloggers, particularly WordPress users who self-host their blogs and want to edit their themes. However, finding free online resources that are easy for beginners with no CSS or […]

Do You Tweet to Read or Do You Tweet to Write?

I’ve observed several celebrity Twitter users to have a friend/follower ratio that is heavily skewed toward the follower side. This means they have a huge following, but follow only a very few people. While most do reply to tweets related to them or directly sent to them as @replies, a lot are probably just using […]

Notepad++ My New Favorite Code Editor

Unless you use a hosted blogging service such as WordPress.com or Blogger, chances are you’ve had to touch the code within your theme or blogging software of choice. For a longtime, I was a big fan of Dreamweaver. But that program is expensive. Once I got sick of the cost, I went out and searched […]

PHP Made Amazingly Easy, Efficient, and Fun With CodeIgniter

EllisLab Inc., the same group that has created ExpressionEngine, is at it again by providing people with a free and open source PHP framework called CodeIgniter. This open source PHP framework allows users to create PHP-based applications without many of the complaints I already have with PHP. The best part is that you don’t really […]

Partners Template Code Update

If you go to your Partners blog list and hit “Get Code” you might notice the template script has changed slightly. Since launching to bloggers we have had quite a bit of feedback so today have implemented suggestions. The most outwardly noticable difference is now you can choose the alignment of the ads in your […]

Thoughts on Sharing Code

Code, in particular client side code, is somewhat of a commodity these days. Anyone can read it, anyone can copy it, so it’s not something we want to hide or obfuscate from the community when building the Performancing Partners ad network. Far from it in fact, we intend to freely share it and license it […]