YouTube Video Alerts For Your Inbox

Many people are already aware of creating news alerts for keywords as they are indexed on Google. But what if you could extend the usefulness of those alerts to videos that are uploaded onto YouTube? That is what a new service called Video-Alerts enables you to do. Video-Alerts is a site that enables registered users to track up to 10 keywords on These subscriptions are updated once a day and the results are then sent to your inbox.

After activating and then logging into your account, you’ll have to create your first alert. The alert creation process is pretty straightforward.

Text To Search: This is the text that you want the alert to search for.

Category: The category drop down list matches exactly with the one on

Search Type: Video-Alerts offers two different search types. Keyword searches for video descriptions, user search will find all new videos uploaded by that username.

Frequency: Choose between Once per week, once per two days or once a day.

Max Videos: Choose between a maximum of 50 or 100 videos to be described in each alert. Any videos that go over this limit will be ignored.

Once you finish creating your new alert, you can either create a new one or just wait for that email that contains all of the videos that were found. One cool thing about Video-Alerts is that after the alert is created, you can go back and edit it to change certain parameters or delete the alert entirely.


To this day, YouTube still doesn’t support the ability to subscribe to videos or a particular user by way of RSS. If you’re scratching your head wondering why, don’t worry as I am to. However, if you prefer to subscribe to specific YouTube videos by way of RSS via keywords such as Tags, type the following into your browsers address bar:

To subscribe by tag, simply key in this URL to your RSS reader:[insert tag here].rss e.g. will subsribe you to videos that contain WordPress as one of the tags. You can also apply more than one tag by using the plus sign as a separator. WordPress+2.7 would subscribe you to videos that contain both WordPress and 2.7 as tags.

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