Without Good Content – You Have Nothing

There is a great thread in the Performancing Hive Forums which is asking members to write 2-3 paragraphs, sharing one professional tip they have learned over the last 6 months. I participated in the thread which is ongoing and filled with a bunch of great tips but I thought I’d share my response with you through the blog.

I never concentrated on getting social traffic through the likes of SU, Digg etc. I simply hunkered down, wrote in depth reviews of sites and services and people took notice without me telling them. My biggest success on my personal blog was reviewing a site before it really launched and the guy who owned the service place a banner and a link to my review from the front page of the site. I can’t even begin to tell you how much traffic I received from that. As a bonus, I read a PC magazine and they took a screenshot of the front page of that website and because the site had an image of my site banner on the front page, in a weird kind of way, I made it into a print magazine

The bottom line is, I didn’t work on getting people to my site. I simply created content that was good enough to be shared whether it was by word of mouth or some other means. Back in the day, I considered a piece of content I wrote that was submitted to SU by a visitor to be an article that was apparently worthy of the submission. These days, I see people ask for others to stumble an article and I’ve realized its just that easy to get a good influx of traffic from the service.

Content is king, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Without the good content, YOU HAVE NOTHING.

7 thoughts on “Without Good Content – You Have Nothing

  1. Agreed, I’ve noticed without the content the readers don’t come. Sometimes a bit hard to come up with the content needed. But it pays off spending the time.

    I tried to just push out content for a while. I’m taking a lot more time now and yes it pays off.

  2. I have a really, really good 2500 article that is publicly accessible at http://www.brainz.org – however, it is not linked from the homepage or any other page on the Internet.

    I hope that someone finds this article and stumbles it (it really exists) before I start promoting it today. However, I have my doubts.

  3. In the early days, I noticed a direct correlation between the amount of time I spent researching and writing articles and the amount of traffic they garnered.

    But the relationship between the time I spent reading about SEO and social media and my traffic was way less clear-cut.

    I suspect that many bloggers spend too much time trying to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’. And on the flip side, too little time writing intriguing, unusual or humorous content.

    Once you get the great content that people love to read, the traffic and the income will follow. That’s the basic principle of Google’s business model, and as usual, they’re mostly right.

    When I got that into my head – after a few weeks – my traffic soared.


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