Who Needs Subscriber Counts Anyways

Yuwanda Black over at BloggingTips.com published a great article about why you shouldn’t worry about your subscriber count, at least not in the first year. Her article hits a number of spots, especially regarding the first year of blogging and how your focus should be entirely centered around how many subscribers you have.

I remember when I started blogging seriously, I had no idea what a subscriber count was. I also remember browsing around to the various blogs and seeing that they all had this Feedburner chicklet which let the world know essentially how popular their blog was. When I really got into blogging, I ignored the subscriber count and I didn’t really care if people subscribed to my blog or not. The only thing that mattered to me was the fact that I had a blog to publish things that I thought were interesting.

Within Yuwandas article, she said something that really struck a chord with me.

If you’ve thoroughly researched your niche; put all of the behind-the-scenes elements in place for success; and work you tail off; subscribers are most likely going to come anyway.

How true that statement is. I’ll say that when I noticed that my subscriber count was increasing and the blog was starting to become a success, my focus of what I was trying to accomplish immediately dropped. My focused turned into “how do I increase my subscriber count”. This is the situation that Yuwanda explains how to avoid and it’s too bad I didn’t read a post like that back in my hay day of my own blog.

3 thoughts on “Who Needs Subscriber Counts Anyways

  1. I think new subscribers give you new motivation for writing. So as soon as you see other people reading you become motivated. I wouldn’t mind high stats counter.

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