How to Combine Real-World and Social Media Marketing

Believe it or not, real-world, in-person marketing, which may include booths, physical advertising (as in signs or banners), or demonstrations make it easy to tie in social media marketing efforts. By making your social media presence known to potential customers at your in-person event, it is possible to get a more involved online community that […]

Facebook event marketing balloons

How to Promote Events via Facebook

Facebook can be a great place to promote upcoming events, whether they are sales, concerts, meetings, conferences, or other meetings. They can receive a lot of exposure quickly, especially because events are easy to share on users’ Facebook profiles, and they can also RSVP and invite their friends. Beyond creating an event on a business […]

Online Advertising Strategies To Get Out of PPC Limbo

PPC, short for pay-per-click is usually the go-to paid online advertising strategy for companies wishing to get a foothold on their online presence. However, depending on a business’ industry, PPC can get very competitive and extremely costly. Instead of relying on PPC, it may be worthwhile to try other innovative online advertising strategies that may […]

Brand Equity and Mascots?

WHen I built my blog in 2006 it was completely by accident that I stuck to some sort of branding in the form of an insect (the title of my blog is “A Bugged Life”). Four template changes later, I’ve managed to keep this brand and it’s been known by the local community. I’ve contemplated […]

2010 Reminder: Test the Monetization of Your Blog

Monetization can get lost in all the blogging activities we have to juggle. Let’s face it, there’s a lot that goes into blogging. Content, marketing, and building relationships take up a lot of our time and it can be easy to forget about monetization. But if you want to make money with your blog, you […]

Thanks to our sponsor, Winners Circle

We’d like to thank our Performancing sponsor, Winners Circle. With numerous educational websites offering mentoring programs and promising to help business oriented people make money on the internet today, it can be quite a challenge choosing which one is right for your needs. First time entrepreneurs in the internet business can be overwhelmed with the […]

Getting Links to your Blog

Is your blog not experiencing the volume of traffic that you would like to see? One of the major flaws that many blog owners do not consider is the importance of links and linking. Links are to a blog, what highways are to the automotive world. Without highways, information, people, and goods cannot reach their […]

The New Landing Pages

With social media talk fluttering about, your product’s website doesn’t necessarily need to be discovered via search engine results or billboard ads (for more info, go to The past 3 years has brought forth a new set of “landing pages” for your brand. Here are some of them: a. Social Networks: Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, […]