How to Promote Events via Facebook

Facebook event marketing balloons

Facebook event marketing balloons

Facebook can be a great place to promote upcoming events, whether they are sales, concerts, meetings, conferences, or other meetings. They can receive a lot of exposure quickly, especially because events are easy to share on users’ Facebook profiles, and they can also RSVP and invite their friends.

Beyond creating an event on a business or organization’s Facebook page, there are other elements where an event can be promoting thoroughly up to and throughout ┬áthe event.

Creating Events on a Facebook Page

This is the first step towards Facebook event promotion is to create the event. To create a new event, go to once you are logged in as an admin.

Make sure to fill out all the information, include a main photo, and invite guests. Currently, Facebook only allows users to invite their own friends, not the other users who have ‘liked’ a page. Add employees as admins and allow them to invite their contacts and friends to make the guest list grow.

Once the event is created, add a link to it on the page newsfeed and start promoting it.

Upload Photos and Videos

Leading up to the event, post photos, videos, and other applicable content about the event (such as newspaper or blog mentions). This can help continue to drive buzz about the event. For example, a recent concert in Kansas City had several headliners. In the weeks leading up to the event, they posted recent music videos by artists that were performing at the concert. This helped keep the event fresh in users’ minds, since the music videos were appearing in their newsfeeds, and it also helped create a level of constant engagement and conversation until the concert.

Likewise, event organizers could post photos and videos of past annual events, testimonials from event-goers, updated ticket information, and other media that will continue to keep users’ interests up about the event.


Make sure the event is promoted organically as much as possible, but events can also be promoted via Facebook ppc advertising as well. Using the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, you will only pay when users actually click on an ad. Because Facebook can help your ad accrue impressions at a rapid pace (especially if you are in a large metropolitan area), it can be a good option for events happening soon.

No matter how your event is promoted via Facebook, be sure to have complete information and be available to answer questions and monitor content if needed.