What do you do with valid comments that have commercial links?

You probably get these a lot of times. Some posts a valid comment, with well-thought out and substantial paragraphs. But when you check the author name and link, it’s a link to a commercial site, using keywords meant for search optimization. Some of these get caught by the spam filter, but some are approved. You […]

How Do You Advertise Affiliates?

Since the launch of WPTavern.com, I’ve received numerous offers from companies asking if I would like to join a higher tiered part of their affiliate program which offers higher than average payouts when compared to a normal affiliate. I’ve always had a problem with affiliate advertising in that, I don’t think you should advertise just […]

Keep On Top Of Trends With TrendPedia

With everything that takes place on the web, keeping track of trends can be a tough process. Although Google provides a Trend search of their own, TrendPedia looks to have its place in the trend search market. The front page of TrendPedia showcases the hottest trends from the previous month as well as popular trends […]

My First Direct Ad Sale

After receiving my first direct display advertising sale, I can understand how something like this can be addicting. Back on an earlier episode of WordPress Weekly which is a podcast focused entirely on the WordPress project, I put the call out on Twitter that not much had happened during that week so the show might […]

Personal Branding: How far will you go?

There’s a thought piece on Seth’s blog – its a rather short exercise on choosing your profile photo for a social network such as Facebook. Whether you agree or disagree with what seems to be a trivial pursuit of credibility, he speaks truth in the overall scheme of marketing. What I’m trying to say is […]

Is Retweet The Next Digg This?

Twitter has taken on a life of its own. in the early days, their was no way to respond to other people until users came up with the idea to use the @ symbol to designate a reply. Now adays, the sharing of information on Twitter has created what is known as a Retweet. This […]

Skribit Is Redesigned – More Features Added

Skribit, the service which enables visitors to your blog to send you ideas on what to write about (I reviewed the service back in July of 2008) has received a face lift. Not only has there been a redesign of the site, but a slew of new features added as well. The basic idea behind […]

ShareThis On StumbleUpon

If you have not visited the StumbleUpon home page in awhile or your user page, chances are you had no idea of the site redesign but also the enhanced functionality of the ShareThis feature. Now when you hover over a story, a little ShareThis icon appears. When you click the ShareThis button, a list of […]

Google Interest-based ads sounds promising for feed advertising

Just recently, Google announced a little beta tweak into their ad system, allowing for interest-based advertising to take place in their ad units. By interest, they mean data that’s based on our browsing history, much similar to how GMail shows ads based on keywords that appear in our inbox. Whether we’ve reached another argument on […]

The Tweet to Beat: $3 Per Twitter Follower

Tim Ferriss of The 4-hour Workweek fame has writen about an interesting way to raise money from Twitter, and it’s quite a novel approach, I think. When I first read the title (as tweeted by a handful of users I follow), I thought it was just another one of those Twitter monetization schemes. But on […]