How Do You Advertise Affiliates?

Since the launch of, I’ve received numerous offers from companies asking if I would like to join a higher tiered part of their affiliate program which offers higher than average payouts when compared to a normal affiliate. I’ve always had a problem with affiliate advertising in that, I don’t think you should advertise just for the sake of advertising. I’d much rather someone paid me directly for display advertising rather than placing an ad on my site, hoping people click through and then hoping even more that they make a purchase.

However, where affiliate advertising makes complete sense is when you advertise for a product or service you have used and can stand by. This enables you to have that trust factor, stand by your claims for the product/service and chances are, you’ll probably have an easier time convincing people to purchase through you.

So how do you handle affiliate advertising on your site? Do you advertise for anyone/everyone or only those things you can vouch for?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Advertise Affiliates?

  1. I think that promoting your affiliate links as an added value to your blog is a good strategy. The goal here is to promote products you believe in and you probably use yourself. I think that promoting affiliate links in your own blog/website presents a context for those products and increase the sales potential.

  2. A SEO freak myself don’t like the idea of giving money to google or any of the rest, there is just to much click fraud out there. Search and relevancy go together, I don’t feel the need to drive a mass volume of unrelated traffic to a web site unless it is relevant to what they are searching for. Conversions relies on relevancy so keep your web sites tight.

  3. The most important and indispensable tool in Affiliate Marketing is your own website. The first step in any successful affiliate marketing business is building a good, credible and professional looking website. Your website is the jump off point of all your marketing efforts. Thus, you must first build a user-friendly website, which will appeal to your prospects and encourage them to click on the links to the products and service you are promoting and make a purchase. Therefore, you must first concentrate your efforts in building a website that will cater to what your prospects need.

  4. Each of us has its own interest or has a hobby. Some love all kinds of books, music, and movies while others are into sports and traveling. There are also people who love to grow flowers and loves pets. These things help us to relax and forget our everyday problems and troubles and these things are common to people. But not everyone has a hobby that makes money for him/her except if you love your job.

    Money making hobby could let you treat your family and friends with the extra cash or you can even quit your current job that you almost certainly hate. That is why many of us today go online to start a business; their reasons are either to supplement their income or to gradually replace their offline income from their job. Affiliate marketing is a great way to start in making money online.

  5. I advertise only products that I use. For example, when it comes to ad networks, you will find me recommending BidVertiser and Chitika because they are there on my blog and have performed good.

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