My First Direct Ad Sale

After receiving my first direct display advertising sale, I can understand how something like this can be addicting. Back on an earlier episode of WordPress Weekly which is a podcast focused entirely on the WordPress project, I put the call out on Twitter that not much had happened during that week so the show might not be as interesting. I received a few reply messages, one of which came from letting me know they just launched their site and that we should talk about that. Well, we did.

Working on my WordPress Tavern project this past week, I finally implemented my advertising system which is based on the OIO Publisher plugin for WordPress. After setting up my display advertising zones, I sent out an announcement on Twitter letting people know that advertising opportunities were now in place on the site. As it turns out, ThemeAtlas stopped by and purchased a 468X60 banner spot on the top of my site.

I feel as though Twitter really helped propel me to my first ad sale. I think by putting the call out to my followers and letting them know about the opportunity, with the inclusion that a message like that goes out to the Twitter public timeline aided in the sale which netted me $32.00 that day. So while there is a large following that poo poos the service, Twitter is only as great as you enable it to be and so far, it’s been wonderful to me.

4 thoughts on “My First Direct Ad Sale

  1. Good to hear this. Yea, a lot of people has claimed about twitter being helpful. The other day I read an article about a guy who got a very useful .edu backlink from twitter.

  2. Yes, I plan on writing a review soon about the plugin but boy, it may be the best $47.00 I’ve ever spent. Sure made it real easy for me to configure advertising spots on my blog.

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