Brand Equity and Mascots?

WHen I built my blog in 2006 it was completely by accident that I stuck to some sort of branding in the form of an insect (the title of my blog is “A Bugged Life”). Four template changes later, I’ve managed to keep this brand and it’s been known by the local community. I’ve contemplated […]

8 Recipe Portals You Can Leave Bookmarked in the Kitchen

It’s not that cookbooks are a thing of the past. I have a ton of them at home and they sure weigh a ton and become an inconvenience to carry around. By experience, we usually tend to stick to one or two good cookbooks for recipes, bookmarking them with a piece of paper. On the […]

If you’re going to opt for a paid blogging platform, Squarespace is top of mind

I am of the impression that a lot of the best things from the Internet is built out of a vast chasm of unsatisfactory services that exist — or used to exist online. For me, Anthony’s vision of building Squarespace out of frustration of finding “the” blogging platform fuels whatever magic they’re doing behind closed […]

Explaning Niche and Community using the Reverse Maslow

I sat in a series of sessions of a co-professor who projected stuff from the Authenticity Book for his marketing class. Part of it had to do with understanding new media, the Internet — that sort of stuff, really. So I borrowed it. And it’s been a “formula” I use to introduce or summarize “new […]

Engaging Bloggers by Running Surveys

Apart from seeding press releases and product demos, another way to tap bloggers and online publishers for help would be to engage them in a partnership to run consumer surveys within their niche if influence. For instance, you can discourse with three technology bloggers to run a series of surveys on consumer insight about mobile […]