30 Things I Learned From Blogging Heroes Part 1

I’ve finally managed to finished a book I’ve been spending the last few months reading called “Blogging Heroes” which was authored by Michael A. Banks. The book contains interviews with (at the time of writing) 30 of the world’s top bloggers. People such as Joel Comm, Gina Trapani, Frank Warren, Peter Rojas, Robert Scoble, etc. offer their stories on how they have become successful through blogging.

This post is the first in a two part series which will highlight 30 things I have learned by reading this book.

Dave Taylor
1. Write only when you’re inspired and write more than you have to. Anything extra you have left over should be set to publish on a future date. Consider this the rainy day method.

Chris Anderson
2. There is no one “blogosphere.” There is an infinite number of blogospheres, each shaped by the tastes and experiences of individuals.

Gina Trapania
3. Reader feedback does matter.

Ina Steiner
4. A specific focus or mission is necessary to sustain a blog.

Mary Jo Foley
5. It is important to take time away from blogging; otherwise, you’ll limit your perspective.

David Rothman
6. An important role of bloggers is to raise questons and encourage others to provide answers in a group setting.

Frank Warren
7. Treat comments from others with respect, and they will reciprocate in future comments.

Mike Masnick
8. Avoid begging for links – it’s counterproductive

Mark Frauenfelder
9. Don’t worry about being the first to report something new. It is unlikely you’ll be able to do that. Instead, focus on expressing your ideas clearly and with enthusiasm.

Robert Scoble
10. In the long term, most blog readers are referred by Google or other search engines.

Peter Rojas
11. Don’t try to jump to number one in your field immediately. A slow start allows you to make the inevitable mistakes when few people are looking.

John Neff
12. The editorial and business aspects of blogging must be separated as much as possible.

Ken Fisher
13. Content producers should not be involved with advertising, to avoid even the appearance of advertiser-influenced content.

Deborah Peterson
14. Blog from your heart

Joel Comm
15. Blogging’s effects are not limited to the web or technology-it can alos affect local or regional events

These 15 tips are just a sampling of what is presented within the book. Tomorrow, I’ll publish the second half of this series along with the take aways I have obtained by reading Blogging Heroes.

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  1. Exactly what I needed. A few weeks ago I bought “Blogging Heroes.” Last week I bought second copy to loan out. I keep trying to come up with my own list of best blog author quotes. Your blog made my list for me. Great job! Thanks!!! Thanks!!! Thanks!!!

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