Latest Jobs Via Performancing Job Board

Considering the pay cuts over at b5media tacked onto numerous layoffs at other blogging networks, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time out every Sunday to highlight the most recent job offerings that have been submitted to the Performancing Job Board. Lets take a look at what we have this […]

Show off your (Laconica) feed with a) WP plug-in or b) raw PHP/MagPie solution

Solutions: Use the ‘dingshow’ WordPress plug-in or Publish Laconica ( dents with PHP/MagPie solution. Purpose: If you like to show off your or any other Laconica microblogging feed on your site. Features include working author links, @ links, general links and working #hashtag links. A running raw PHP example is here: A running […]

5 Great Tips for Optimizing Ad Revenue From PerformancingAds

Have you signed up for PerformancingAds? If so, you are placing yourself in a position to generate revenue for your blog, and why shouldn’t you? There are many networks, affiliate programs, and solutions to handle advertising, but PerformancingAds is truly special. This is an advertising network created by bloggers for bloggers. While you probably will […]

PerformancingAds Now Offers Javascript Solution for Blogger Users

Due to popular demand, PerformancingAds has created a javascript solution for easy installation. This solution will indeed work on platforms such as Blogger. Here’s the code: (make sure to replace REGION_ID with your actual region ID) Again, Replace REGION_ID with actual region ID

The Legal Forum On Performancing

Here at Performancing, we have an area of our public forums dedicated to legal conversations as they deal with blogging. Jonathan Bailey who runs the popular website, heads up this particular section of I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of these conversations. Legal Issues of Posting E-mail Correspondence on Blog […]

1 Week Milestones for PerformancingAds

In just seven days, PerformancingAds reached some very exciting milestones. Here’s a bullet point list: Over 1300 blogs and websites added to our marketplace Over 450 ads created and booked in our system Thousands of dollars in advertiser buys We think these numbers speak for themselves. If you haven’t given PerformancingAds a try, now’s a […]

PerformancingAds Link Love

PerformancingAds was recently launched a few days ago and since then, a number of people have written about the ad network. Let’s see what a number of bloggers have had to say. Powerful Ad Service with PerformancingAds – David Peralty does a great job going over all aspects of the service. Monetize Your Site with […]

PerformancingAds Now Offering Minimum 60% Payout To All Publishers

After getting lots of good feedback, we’ve implemented some new features at PerformancingAds and also have a bunch more planned in the works. The most important update, one that’s gone live already, is that all publishers will receive a minimum 60% payout. Our best performing publishers will be offered up to 90%. The more you […]