5 Great Tips for Optimizing Ad Revenue From PerformancingAds

Have you signed up for PerformancingAds? If so, you are placing yourself in a position to generate revenue for your blog, and why shouldn’t you? There are many networks, affiliate programs, and solutions to handle advertising, but PerformancingAds is truly special. This is an advertising network created by bloggers for bloggers. While you probably will not become a millionaire while blogging for a living, PerformancingAds can help you generate a consistent revenue stream, and this post is dedicated to giving you some ideas for maximizing that revenue.

If you want to make the most money possible from PerformancingAds, there are a few things you should consider doing:

1. Promotion

Promoting the fact that you are advertising is crucial to selling your inventory. This might sound out-of-this-world obvious, but so many people don’t actually do it!

You should begin by creating an “advertise here” page, which I previously discussed. Be sure to include several ways for a potential advertiser to get into contact with you, and provide links to your PerformancingAds account.

You could use this page to display the price of your inventory as well, but it is up to you on whether or not you wish to do that.

Regardless, be sure to designate where there advertisements will be displayed so there will no confusion.

If you are a publisher, you can also place your own advertisements on your available advertising spots. This could make it appear that you have sold more inventory. This could also be useful for advertising your own services. It really is up to your imagination, but if not, you could consider the Exchange Ads program (more on that later).

2. Placement

The placement of an advertisement is very important as well, so let me run down a few general rules of thumb (there are, of course, exceptions to these rules):

The higher place an advertisement on a webpage, the more valuable it probably is. This is true of most advertising in general (it will be more visible, after all), so the same applies here.

Also, the closer you place an advertisement towards the content, the more likely it is to be seen, clicked on, and, therefore, well-valued. This is very popular among AdSense users; however, this could be a turn-off for your readers if the advertisements become a distraction. In a majority of scenarios, I would suggest sticking to the sidebar as the advertising location of choice.

3. Traffic

Traffic is, hands down, the number one determining factor of any advertising medium. The more traffic, the more potential revenue to be made.

All I can suggest here is to utilize social networks, marketing, and social skills to spread the word about your blog. You could consider joining the Hive, a place where many well-known bloggers hang out and discuss topics just like this.

You could also use the Exchange Ads feature of PerformancingAds.

If you opt to use the Exchange Ads functionality within PerformancingAds, your own advertisements will be displayed on other websites for free. As time goes on, you will gain credits that will potentially drive more traffic to your blog. It is free traffic and marketing.

4. Inventory

The amount of advertising spaces you have up for sale will also weigh in on how much you should charge per advertisement. If, for example, you only have one advertisement region with a single 125 x 125 advertisement, that ad space would be much more valuable than two regions that both had four 125 x 125 advertisement spots.

If you are unable to sell all of your inventory, it might be a wise idea to consider displaying fewer advertising spots to keep prices higher. Then again, it could be beneficial to have more advertising spaces at cheaper prices (it could allow more parties to advertise on your site).

Regardless, selling all your available inventory should be a priority. Having inventory that isn’t sold is practically useless, unless you are participating in the Exchange Ads program.

5. Price

The pricing of your inventory will be determined by many factors; however, supply and demand (as with all prices) will be the most prominent. It doesn’t matter how awesome your blog looks, how great the content is, and how much you spend on advertising—there must be traffic if you want to make money.

One more general rule of thumb: if you are selling all your inventory, raise the price; and if you are selling too little inventory, lower the price. If you follow that general rule, you can’t go wrong.

The Rest

The rest simply consists of writing great content, marketing that content, socializing, and gaining more traffic. It will take time, but at least now you have a way to generate some money with PerformancingAds.

Big or small, PerformancingAds can be a great alternative to AdSense and AdBrite

If you have any suggestions on how to improve PerformancingAds or have any questions about PerformancingAds, contact us—we will be glad to help.

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