So What Should the Performancing Hive be Really About?

We’re currently in the process of revamping the Performancing Hive, Performancing’s paid subscription community. Like the current sign-up page says, Hive “exists to provide you the help you need to increase the performance of your blog.” As we take steps to improve Hive and re-examine the focus of the community—not to mention Performancing itself—we would […]

Brian Clark Releases Outsourcing Report

Brian Clark who operates released a report he calls The Outsourcing Conspiracy. While much has been said regarding Tim Ferris and his 4-hour work week, the other side of the story doesn’t seem to have had much attention. Too many people believe that you can do very little and just outsource the rest but […]

Performancing Reboot Redux – February 2009 Update

It took us a couple of months to get things kicked off, but we’re pleased to tell everyone that we’re getting into high gear with the reboot. Perhaps it’s best I referred to Ahmed’s outline in doing the first Performancing reboot a couple of years back, and let me quote: Part 1: – what’s […]

The Performancing Reboot, Redux!

This has been in the talks for some time now, and it’s now finally reaching fruition. We’re doing a blog reboot. On Performancing. Again! Last year’s reboot resulted in a host of new good stuff being added on to the brand. But somehow there were still some things that needed to be addressed. Perhaps the […]

Performancing Launches Copyright Management Service

What happens when you’ve finished writing a blog post and hit the publish button? Well, for one, your blogging software will publish your article for all the world to see. But there’s something that’s not as obvious. The moment you hit publish, you now own the copyright to that particular post, unless you explicitly state […]

BlogHoster Announces New Version, New Management, and a Discount for Performancing Users

SplashPress Media has announced the release of BlogHoster version 2.8, a long-awaited update to our very own premium blog hosting software. This release features some reliability fixes, browser compatibility fixes, and six new themes by Design Disease. As well as this new release, SplashPress has announced the takover of BlogHoster by new management, which includes […]

Ask Performancing: Filing Taxes

Our Ask Performancing feature for this week is about filing taxes. The question was posted on the Hive by none other than my fellow contributor Jeff Chandler. During the year, I received payments through paypal for contractual work for one site while receiving more payments from another site for contractual work. However, I am beginning […]

Performancing Ads Improves Affiliate System

Having handled publisher support for Performancing Ads for quite a while now, I could say that much of the inquiries revolve around affiliate payouts. Frankly, the way the affiliate system was originally setup, we were worreid about fraud, and we’ve had to implement measures to mitigate this. This came at the cost of having our […]