So What Should the Performancing Hive be Really About?

We’re currently in the process of revamping the Performancing Hive, Performancing’s paid subscription community. Like the current sign-up page says, Hive “exists to provide you the help you need to increase the performance of your blog.” As we take steps to improve Hive and re-examine the focus of the community—not to mention Performancing itself—we would very much like to hear from you.

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What would you like Performancing and the Hive to cover? Feel free to share suggestions and discuss by leaving comments below. As we’re hoping to build up a healthy subscriber base, it’s best to see what people really want, right? Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

Mainstream Blogging. For the hundreds or even thousands of blogs that serve a small but dedicated audience, or simply share the author’s opinions, there are several high-profile mainstream blogs that appeal to a very wide readership. What does it take to build that kind of attention?

Go Beyond Blogging. Once upon a time, blogs were the darling of the Internet’s future. Now many have realized the full potential of blogging—or at least are aware of it. Blogging as an art/science is pretty much mainstream, so what other opportunities can we tap online?

The Oldies But Goodies Forums in their present form arguably pre-date blogs, and social media is just another name for word-of-mouth promotion. What long-running techniques and platforms continue working today, and how can we adapt them to maximize their contemporary usefulness?

The ball’s in your court, dear readers. Comment away!

2 thoughts on “So What Should the Performancing Hive be Really About?

  1. To re-introduce the social media bootcamps and other events that the Hive had. More importantly, to make it worthwhile to get back the members who are leading probloggers- to share their tips and advice. In essence, to make it a community where everyone helps each other succeed with guest posts, link love, voting and ideas that are fresh.

  2. Different people expect different things from paid suscriptions. In my opinion, what would make a difference is to add tons of interesting and hard-to-get information, suggestions on how to do such and such and so on.

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