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Here at Performancing, we have an area of our public forums dedicated to legal conversations as they deal with blogging. Jonathan Bailey who runs the popular website, heads up this particular section of I thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of these conversations.

Legal Issues of Posting E-mail Correspondence on Blog – If someone takes private email correspondence and, without asking permission, posts the other person’s email message to a blog, what is the legal status of that content?

Copyright Issues – Linking to Articles – If your Blog/Site links to a copyrighted item such as a Promotional Movie Image, Script PDF etc on another site, can the company whose copyright is being broken contact you and ask that you take down the links?

Domains by Proxy – I can’t seem to find out who owns this blog or even hosts it because a whois search will only disclose the domains by proxy email address. Anyone know of a way around this? (Special Note: Jonathan does a great job in this post highlighting the DMCA procedure)

Hotlinkers stealing Google Image Search traffic – Google Image Search indexes hotlinked images (including images already in their index from the original sites) as belonging to pages on the hotlinker’s site. This diverts image search traffic away from the original image creator’s website to the often ad-filled website of the hotlinker.

Starting a Quotes Site – I know that this question has been asked many times before and I know that I’m allowed to post quotes as long as I cite the source and a few other details. However what if I put advertising on a page containing quotes. Is that legal under the fair use policy?

These are just some of the topics of discussion that you’ll find in the legal section of the public forums. Special thanks goes out to Jonathan Bailey who continues to provide his knowledge on this forum.

If you have a legal matter that pertains to blogging, create a post in the legal forum and see what Jonathan has to say.

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