PerformancingAds Now Offers Javascript Solution for Blogger Users

Due to popular demand, PerformancingAds has created a javascript solution for easy installation. This solution will indeed work on platforms such as Blogger.

Here’s the code: (make sure to replace REGION_ID with your actual region ID)

Again, Replace REGION_ID with actual region ID

6 thoughts on “PerformancingAds Now Offers Javascript Solution for Blogger Users

  1. that there’s a blogger option. It often takes me a while to get around to incorporating new or additional monetization platforms into my sites, but when I try them out, I do often test them a bit on my blogger sites before I push them out to my self hosted sites.

    Now, I just need to carve out an hour or two to jump in, set up the account and ad some widgets on my blogger accounts and start testing….

  2. Patrick,
    Either solution will work.

    In either case, you should be able to align the ads right. I’m not a css expert, but something like this should work:


  3. Can I use this on my WordPress self-hosted instead of the plugin? I need to align the ads right instead of the center they are on. Is there a way to do this with the plugin?


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