Show off your (Laconica) feed with a) WP plug-in or b) raw PHP/MagPie solution

Solutions: Use the ‘dingshow’ WordPress plug-in or Publish Laconica ( dents with PHP/MagPie solution. Purpose: If you like to show off your or any other Laconica microblogging feed on your site. Features include working author links, @ links, general links and working #hashtag links. A running raw PHP example is here: A running […]

SEO: Great list of web based (!) SEO analytics tools

Hat tip to Search Engine Journal author Ann Smarty (nice name 🙂 who compiled a list of useful online SEO tools. She starts with three criteria for those online SEO analytics services: they are all useful for SEOs they are all web-based (no desk-top ones or FireFox extensions so far) they are all free She […]

Tinyurl now with URL keyword power a.k.a. custom alias!

Some competitors on the ‘make a long URL short’ market had the ‘URL keyword power’ feature long time ago but now also followed the market demands. Tinyurl now also offers a custom alias (optional) a.k.a. URL keyword power! In the past the long URL at the bottom would have been shortened to some tailing […]

Tip: Get more from the a.k.a. RSS feeds

Reading the news on I discovered a valuable hint regarding the number of items in a RSS feed. We recently limited RSS feeds to 15 items, but you can change that by adding ?count=30 (or up to 100) to the URL. Source As the RSS feeds are a very fast source to get […]

Monetization: Look for specialists – Offer content development

Creating a blog is like breathing for you? What about the content? And here comes a client who needs a website/blog. Almost always somebody who needs a website/blog will have some special know-how in a niche. He/She is a specialist for a content niche (let’s say plumbing) but has no web development and (!) no […]

New Niche Blog: Develop a content driven concept FAST

For a niche oriented blogger it is pretty natural to come up with new subject ideas all the time. Raj wrote an inspiring article How Many Niches Should You Pro-Blog? but focused on the questions involved and the problems showing up when doing multi-niche blogging. Let me show you my very 1st concept phases for […]

Blog archive: The publishing power of bookmarks

Do you hammer out your daily dose of blog posts? Are you and your readers satisfied with your blog format? Are your readers leaving your page after reading one page? If the answer to the last question is a proud ‘Yes Sir’ then we have found a bunch of classical blog problems related to ‘archive […]

Encounter the Yahoo! blocking policy

Follow-Up to Search Engine and Social Media Shenanigans: Yahoo! Blocks Other SEs From Spidering OK, Yahoo! blocks spider from other search engines. Who cares? How-To create your own copy of your bookmarks It is as simple as creating a local copy of all your bookmarks stored at Basically you have two pretty […]