Tip: Get more from the delicious.com a.k.a. del.icio.us RSS feeds

Reading the news on blog.delicious.com I discovered a valuable hint regarding the number of items in a delicious.com RSS feed.

We recently limited RSS feeds to 15 items, but you can change that by adding ?count=30 (or up to 100) to the URL.


As the RSS feeds are a very fast source to get an overview about certain topics this possibility will enhance the research experience a lot.

More items in a feed may also be interesting for people who import feed items into their blog.

More notes space coming soon too

Yes, we plan to increase the notes field to 1000 characters. This may not be in place right away after launch, but it’s in the works.

PS: You noticed that del.icio.us is delicious.com now? A great change. Congratulations to the delicious.com team!

2 thoughts on “Tip: Get more from the delicious.com a.k.a. del.icio.us RSS feeds

  1. I am also using the German bookmark service Mr. Wong but d.i.u is so powerful for publishing (!) bookmarks via the Firefox plug-in that my daily routine is using delicious.com 98%.

    I am not using the d.i.u website (old version). The new website is much faster but I don’t think that I will visit it very often. Again, because of the plug-in.

    Thanks for your comment and the nice follow-up poll.

  2. Yeah, I was participating in the beta. So, it isn’t really anything new to me as I’ve been using it for several months (and criticizing them for not releasing it). It is a much improved interface, but I just feel that it is still missing a few things. Primarily the small things. I’m picky like that.

    If Ma.gnolia had Delicious’s fast editing elements, it would be such a winner.

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