14 thoughts on “How Do You Save/Bookmark Content?

  1. Hi there,

    I am currently using Opera to log onto the internet .

    All my bookmarks is now on Opera and I want to start using Internet Explorer as my internet.

    How to save all my bookmarks from Opera to Google?

    Who can help?



  2. Delicious is used for bookmarking? Could of fooled me. I always thought it was used for seo. At least that’s what my friends tell me.

  3. I tend to remember anything worth remembering and then I add my favorite ones as hotlinks at the top of firefox so I can click on them whenever. Its as easy as clicking on “homepage.”

  4. I’m too lazy to sign up for anything…so I just use safari’s bookmarking…lol I do have a del.icio.us account, but I don’t use it anymore.

  5. Yeah. These three services I actually adore! StumbleUpon? Best among the Best! Delicious redesign? I LOVE IT!
    Another truth? Well, I have never used my browser’s bookmarking facility. Before I knew of SU, I never bookmarked anything!
    Yes, but I’ll have to say, now-a-days I am using http://lin.cr/ – it is a URL shortening service, but it also allows you to save all your lincr’d links in one place. This is for those links that I want to share with my friends and family, but not with the rest of the world.

  6. To tell you the truth, I’ve just recently set myself up a Delicious account to manage my bookmarks. For awhile, I’ve used the built in bookmarks manager in FireFox. Because of the need to sync bookmarks between two machines (desktop and notebook) I’ve gotten rid of all of the bookmarks within FireFox and have placed them into my Delicious account. Now, the bookmarks are in the cloud instead of tied to a FireFox profile. I could of used FoxMarks, but Delicious has those community aspects of discovering new things and meeting new people that FoxMarks does not have.

    So in the end, I’m now a Delicious user for all of my bookmarks.

  7. I just bookmark everything in Firefox, but I have the Firefox ad-on Foxmarks installed on every computer I use. That way when I bookmark something, it is bookmarked everywhere.

  8. I use Google’s toolbar for all my bookmarks. Usually, my bookmarks are pretty transiative, though – I rarely need to keep one for more than a week or so.

  9. The d.i.u team did a great job with the actual domain + website relaunch and they seem to have new d.i.u features in the pipeline as I could pick up on blog.delicious.com.

  10. I’m indecisive on this one.

    I’ve constantly bounced between the built-in Firefox bookmarks (while using Foxmarks, of course) and Delicious (I’ve had access to the—what is now the new site—beta for awhile).

    But around two weeks ago I decided to move to Ma.gnolia. I’m loving Ma.gnolia, but I don’t like that it takes a lot of effort to edit a bookmark’s details. There is too much clicking required.

    I also liked using Zotero, but I am afraid of taking it too seriously because you can’t sync those bookmarks on the web, but the plugin is extremely powerful (really hardcore stuff… you should check out Zotero if you are a power user).

    So, I’m going to vote for the “multiple” option.

    Anyone wanna try to sway me to something? Do you really not use a bookmarking service? Let me know!

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