importance of rss reader

Why You Should Read RSS Feeds

With the uproar over the closing of Google Reader earlier this month, it has been shown just how many people have depended on this popular RSS reader as their chosen way to read and consume content from their favorite blogs. Regularly reading blogs that appeal to your industry and personal interests is one of the […]

BlogBurst Joins Demand Media Blog Distribution Network

BlogBurst was once known as the free and ad-supported blog syndication service that could help bloggers get their content in front of wider audiences.  I’m a proponent of syndication with some caveats that I explain later in this post.  Since Demand Media announced at Blog World last week that BlogBurst was relaunching as part of […]

5-Minutes to Better Blog Email Subscriptions

Have you ever subscribed to your own blog’s feed via email to see what those messages that your email subscribers receive from you actually look like?  Do you know what time of day those email messages are sent?  Do you know what the subscription confirmation message says that subscribers receive after they subscribe via email […]

Stay Informed: Learn About RSS Feeds

One of the smartest things a new blogger can do, other than writing their own content, is to keep track of what others are doing. This is especially true if you are running a news focused blog, or are trying to compete with another blogger. Many of you probably understand that there are RSS feeds, […]

Help Us Name our Our RSS Subscription Link

Taking the cue from a post on Copyblogger a while back, I now wonder what we should name our RSS subscription link in our site redesign. On the Blog Herald, Lorelle reinforces the view that using the term “subscribe” might turn away people. True–“subscriptions” usually cost money. And folks are attracted to free stuff. While […]