Encounter the Yahoo! del.icio.us blocking policy

Follow-Up to Search Engine and Social Media Shenanigans: Yahoo! Blocks Other SEs From Spidering Del.icio.us?

OK, Yahoo! blocks spider from other search engines. Who cares?

How-To create your own copy of your del.icio.us bookmarks

It is as simple as creating a local copy of all your bookmarks stored at del.icio.us. Basically you have two pretty easy possibilities:

  1. Static del.icio.us copy via export
  2. Syncing your del.icio.us feed into an RSS feed aggregator

And maybe somebody has some cool ready made del.icio.us API solutions to offer (I don’t).

Let’s elaborate about the two mentioned possibilities…

Straight forward: Static del.icio.us copy

Del.icio.us offers an export function. Play around with it and create static pages in your webspace. Having static bookmark.html pages is not a bad choice.

  • Use keywords as filenames.
  • Take a look at this SEO relevant article: Matt Cutts About Subdomains And Subdirectories

Tip: There used to be some Firefox Add-Ons around which could sync your del.icio.us account with the local bookmarks. The right del.icio.us add-on could help a lot.

Tip II.: Define and subscribe to some del.icio.us add-on and/or tools search feeds. The link list in the article will Desktop Research: Trends 2008 (Bonus: OPML File) help.

Advanced: RSS aggregation of your del.icio.us feed(s)

It is only very little initial work necessary but with the help of a database, an RSS aggregation software and some reblogging tool you can create a synced copy of your future del.icio.us bookmarks.

The important thing is to find solutions which will keep your del.icio.us RSS feed items. A simple subscription tool will only show the actual feed content.

My del.icio.us RSS feed aggregation software tips

My latest Bookmarks (feel free to send me a beer for the great free resource 🙂

  • del.icio.us … aggregator software
  • del.icio.us RSS aggregation

The recommended software which I have tested

  • Gregarius – A Free, Web-based Feed Aggregator To-Do: Is republishing or reblogging possible? Is ist only a reader? … Gregarius is a web-based RSS/RDF/ATOM feed aggregator, designed to run on your web server, allowing you to access your news sources from wherever you want.
  • reBlog by Eyebeam R&D – RSS aggregation and reblogging software … To install your own reBlog, you will need a server with PHP, MySQL, and Perl CGI scripts.

I am using Gregarius with a pretty straightforward standard installation. Click on the link to see my personal syncronized del.icio.us repository realized via RSS feed import.

I have once installed reBlog once but they have a crazy security concept (if I remember right). It was something about having the admin directory above the user pages without additional login security. I did not get it to work with the standard html security options.

Combination of both or using the del.icio.us API

I can’t help you too much with the combination and esp. not how to bring both solutions together but maybe there are some del.icio.us API gurus around who will write a little program???

7 thoughts on “Encounter the Yahoo! del.icio.us blocking policy

  1. Markus: I hope you realize that I was teasing. Maybe I’m thick, but I didn’t quite follow what Pipe we could build here. I’ll have to read the article over.

  2. Good tip but the automatic posting is not working with the optional current Textpattern XML-RPC.

    And in general I prefer to collect del.icio.us entries as single items with keywords. The advantage is that you can also automatically collect the tags and rebuild your keyword structure in an external database.

  3. Del.icio.us offers a feature that allows a daily blog post using xmlrpc. I have been using this for quite a while as I am too paranoid to completely trust all my important bookmarks to a third party.

    Visit https://secure.del.icio.us/settings/%5Byourname%5D/blogging/posting and fill out the info. I use Drupal so it was easy for me to create a new blogger named Del on my site rather than use my own password in the form. This has worked well for mr for a very long time.

  4. Oh, and I wait for our performancing.com pipe -shenanigan- wizard to create and post the fitting pipe solution. Created with a Yahoo tool, how nice.

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