SEO: Great list of web based (!) SEO analytics tools

Hat tip to Search Engine Journal author Ann Smarty (nice name 🙂 who compiled a list of useful online SEO tools. She starts with three criteria for those online SEO analytics services:

  1. they are all useful for SEOs
  2. they are all web-based (no desk-top ones or FireFox extensions so far)
  3. they are all free

She divides her collection of online SEO tool into different areas (her table of content, *=main points, o=sub points):

* Backlink Analyzing Online SEO Tools;
* Keyword Research and Brainstorming Tools:
o Keyword Brainstorming Tools;
o Social Media Based Keyword Analyzers;
o Online Dictionaries and Glossaries that Help with Keyword Research
* Domain Name Online Tools;
* On-Site Analysis Online SEO Tools:
o On-page Keyword Prominence Research Tools;
o SEO Browsers;
o Page Size and Load Time Checkers;
o Additional Site Diagnostics Tools;
* Search Related Online Tools:
o Keyword Rank Checking Tools;
o Tools that Compare Different Search Engine Results;
* Website Traffic and Demographics Report.

What I like most is that she is using tables to give a nice overview of the different capabilities of the competing online SEO analytics tools.

Online SEO Tools – the Ultimate Collection

I am waiting for her future post: “ALL SEO FireFox extensions will be reviewed in my next huge overview (like I said in the beginning of the post, here I review only web-based tools).” In the meantime I might check out Ann Smartys article archive.

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