5 Tools to Preform A SEO Audit For Your Website

Being fairly new to SEO but learning quickly, I wanted to find some tools that would be good in helping me become better at it, but also easy to use yet had some value. I came across 5 great ones that I am finding really helpful in my daily work.

Open Site Explorer

I have to say I learned some pretty impressive stuff here. They say more is better, and although Linkscape is pretty impressive with its 3000 link report OSE will give 10,000 links in a flash, albeit you have to be a member first though to enjoy this perk. One thing I can’t stand is wasting time, so if all my hard work in link building is going nowhere then I want to know now and it looks like this is the site to tell me.

Yahoo Site Explorer

Now this is what I call easy. It is easy to see right away when my pages aren’t indexed and I know I have some work to do on them. you should know that the back links here are called inlinks. This tool gives me a quick reference to my external as well as internal links which lets me pre-plan my linking strategies a bit better and optimize my current links. The best part of all, it’s free and it allows you to spy on your competitors.

Backlink Watch

You probably know how important your back links anchor text is. When trying to gather information about it most of the tools are quite complicated, using them I get frustrated and throw in the towel. With Backlinkwatch though all I have to do is put in my url and let it do its job. Once it spurts out all the info, I can see anchor texts in a neat way that allows me to search through the data. Simple and straight to the point. Works perfect for me.

UI Test

Now, when you talk about something powerful even I can recognize it in this simple but dynamic SEO plus tool. No need to fill out a ton of forms. Everything you could possibly want and need to know about your site you’re going to find out here. What I like most about this tool is that I can grow with it. I have started off just using the basics such as the SEO and the link tools. As you become more aggressive in your knowledge you should be delving into the validators and accessibility tools.

Bad Neighborhood

This is one of my favorites. One because it is so easy to use and secondly because I am not always a great judge of whose good to link to. With this tool I get to see if I have made any bad choices as it scans the links on my page, and the sites that I linked to, and alerts me of any potential problems. Before this I was just checking pagerank and hoping for the best.

So there you have it, 5 great tools no matter whether you are a novice or a pro at SEO, after all we all have the same common goal…traffic and revenue!

14 thoughts on “5 Tools to Preform A SEO Audit For Your Website

  1. The webmaster audit tool can tell you instantly what kind of value you are getting from your current webmaster / SEO professional. Overpaying? You will find out. Underpaying? It will tell you. Each webpage is scored for efficiency, irregardless of pagerank. Each individual link is scored as well!Amazingly, you can schedule your own times to audit your SEO and edit customized rules that email you only when they are triggered. Don’t waste time comparing one month’s work to another. The SEO rules will automatically tell you, for instance, if your Home Page score drops more than 20%. The combinations of rules are endless.

  2. Great work, these tools are all really useful for every webmaster or optimizer.
    Opensiteexplorer.com was really helpful with dofollow links, and bad-neighborhood.com was great with informations.
    uitest.com is based mostly on w3c compliances and i am familiar with yahoo explorer.
    Nice job!

  3. It’s all well and good to know where you site is lacking in regards to SEO, but knowing how to properly and effectively execute the SEO activities to get your site where you want it to be with regards to visibility in the Search Engines is a different story. SEO is a very powerful tool, and you need to know how to leverage its power in order to get the best results and increase the success of your business.

  4. This is new for me, I dunno that Back link Watch is so simple like you said, I think that not easy but you prove it that is simple. I will do same way. Thanks

  5. A nice collection of tools for a seo audit for websites, now someone just needs to put these all together into one tool and charge a few dollars every time someone run it.

  6. This is new for me, I dunno that Back link Watch is so simple like you said, I think that not easy but you prove it that is simple. I will do same way. Thanks.

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