Tinyurl now with URL keyword power a.k.a. custom alias!

Some competitors on the ‘make a long URL short’ market had the ‘URL keyword power’ feature long time ago but now Tinyurl.com also followed the market demands.

Tinyurl now also offers a custom alias (optional) a.k.a. URL keyword power!

In the past the long URL at the bottom would have been shortened to some tailing cryptic expression. Now you can create a less efficient but more powerful ‘speaking’ URL.


Trap: Double check your alias for typos!!! Otherwise Tinyurl will throw “The custom alias could not be made because you’ve already created an alias for this URL” at you. Maybe you have to clean your cookies to get around that error message but I am too lazy now to check that. Just make sure you know how to spell right 🙂

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One thought on “Tinyurl now with URL keyword power a.k.a. custom alias!

  1. This is very useful. Keywords in the shortened URL really encourage click-throughs, as many people are spooked by non-descriptive links that look like code.

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