Blog roll out: Developing a successful blog format

How to start a new blog? How to develop a successful roll out concept? Some blogs get the attention from the start because they have a great format The standard way of starting a blog is finding a niche and then starting to produce articles. Before doing that most bloggers fiddle around with the design […]

Big questions that PR people are losing sleep over

How to track the blogosphere? How will the PR industry react on those new challenges? The classical gatekeeper role model must die! Public Relations is still centered around the old gatekeeper role model because classic media works as a so called ‘relevance filter’ and like every filter can be manipulated in many ways. Offer free […]

Supplemental illness cured by Google

The Google supplemental index is gone. Whatever it was good for now it is better (Google says) Just stumbled over the article at the official Google blog: The Ultimate Fate of Supplemental Results Having articles in the supplemental index (SI) was always seen as some sort of banning pages into some sort of 2nd class […]

10 Forum Software Links – Btw. PhpBB 3.0 Dead From The Press

After five years of development PhpBB 3.0 is available. Already about 500 extensions available. For some blogs a forum can be an essential add-on! PhpBB 3.0 ‘Olympus’ comes with many new features and improved security. The new features include UTF8-Support, better treatment of search engines, temporary banning of users, multiple anti-spam features, better log and […]

Splicing Images In Your Readers Head

Are you using images and symbol pictures? A picture is the extra mile you have to go to make your article outstanding. Fact is that readers will remember strong pictures more than your text desert. Sorry to all the Pulitzer Price worthy text producing bloggers out there. Images create readers attention. The standard human brain […]

Matt Cutts About Subdomains And Subdirectories

The old and ongoing discussion ‘Subdomain vs. Subdirectory’ reaches a new step. Google has changed the policy against showing multiple subdomains on one SERP. Nice input for all the Subdomain vs. Subdirectory discussions. This definition made my day: Just as a reminder, in a URL such as , the subdomain is “subdomain” and the […]

Desktop Research: Trends 2008 (Bonus: OPML File)

How-To build some trendy content for your editorial calendar 2008. Are you aware of the upcoming trends in 2008? Some desktop research tips for finding the hot trends for 2008 After reading How-To Create An Editorial Calendar For A Blog you may want to work out some content items for your blog. The web savvy […]

Better Design: Cleaning Up The House

Can you please step back and look at your blog like a 1st time visitor? Does the single article view answer the readers question immediately? Is your homepage a 5* hotel lobby or a cluttered discount shop? “I have no idea how to find something on your page.” Could this be the #1 answer of […]

How-To Create An Editorial Calendar For A Blog

Sample Blog Editorial Calendar? I love the idea of creating an editorial calendar for at least a couple of the blogs I maintain. For some reason though I get hung up on the idea of it and haven’t been able to fully commit to creating one yet. Does anyone have one of your own that […]

Boring Article About Excerpts (Blog Design Basics)

You are ‘designing’ a blog and you stumble over the phrase ‘article excerpt’. What do you do? Ignore it? I’m curious. Nowadays you see more and more blogs changing there blogposts to “Click here to Read the rest of this entry” posts. The question about what people are using excerpts for was thrown up in […]