Supplemental illness cured by Google

The Google supplemental index is gone.

Whatever it was good for now it is better (Google says)

Just stumbled over the article at the official Google blog: The Ultimate Fate of Supplemental Results

Having articles in the supplemental index (SI) was always seen as some sort of banning pages into some sort of 2nd class drawer. Rumors tell that webmasters have been hanging around dead after having too many pages in the SI. Now this supplemental illness can be cured and those webmasters get a new life just in time for the upcoming Christmas frenzy.

Now we’re coming to the next major milestone in the elimination of the artificial difference between indices: rather than searching some part of our index in more depth for obscure queries, we’re now searching the whole index for every query.

Good that no people had to be killed after letting out this info. Google sees ‘killing people’ as not, hmm, really well fitting to their ‘don’t be evil’ motto.

Originally, I was going to give the stock Google answer, “If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” However, I’ve been informed by management that killing people violates our “Don’t be evil” policy,…

That news is sheer madness. Nothing happening here. Move on…