Show off your (Laconica) feed with a) WP plug-in or b) raw PHP/MagPie solution

  • Solutions: Use the ‘dingshow’ WordPress plug-in or Publish Laconica ( dents with PHP/MagPie solution.
  • Purpose: If you like to show off your or any other Laconica microblogging feed on your site.
  • Features include working author links, @ links, general links and working #hashtag links.

PHP/MagPie: Download ‘DingShow’ a.k.a. ‘DentShow’

“Ding” is kind of a translation of “dent” to German. The meaning is “thing” or “something”.

MagPie had to be patched on my server. Solution and description is here:

@filzo Patched #MagPie here: (Scroll to “Technische Notiz zu MagpieRSS”) Description etag bug:

To show off your feed simply edit the last line of the index.php.

The Author of this PHP/MagPie solution for is:

Philipp Czora @filzo

The idea to create the raw PHP solution was forcefully pushed at him after he developed the dingshow-plugin for WordPress 🙂

Thanks and a big hat tip to Philip!

5 thoughts on “Show off your (Laconica) feed with a) WP plug-in or b) raw PHP/MagPie solution

  1. How do I get this to work? When I try to open the index.php file in Firefox, it asks me if I want to download the file. When I try to embed it in my Joomla site using IncludePHP, I get a bunch of errors. TIA

  2. hi markus, appreciate your reply, i’d completely missed the points you raised about the features.

    as a test i’ve *borrowed* the regex from the dingshow code and added it to yahoo pipes. this now supports @links, general links and working #hashtag links. have updated original pipe, feel free to take a look.

    also i agree hashtag tracing is a fine idea, might see what we can do on that front too.


  3. @casi Nice #Yahoo #pipe template for #identica feeds via @sidepodcast. Linktip for your #dingshow page?

    Great if you want to show off multiple authors or feeds. Also tracing only certain hashtags from your ‘all’ feed should be easy.

  4. The magic of the solution is in the ‘Features line’.
    If you look at the standard RSS feed and compare it to my example then you will discover the features. The RSS feed import will only link to the note page!

    I agree that this article is a pretty rough and raw article. But I published it this way because I have a blog here and not a technical documentary. Pls. accept my excuses

  5. i literally have no idea what any of the above post means.

    however, if you’re discussing ways to get feeds into a wordpress blog. can i recommend yahoo pipes?

    we have a working example on the sidebar here:

    pipes merges x2 streams and then we use the default WP rss widget to display on homepage.

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