Google Trends: The Big Picture

Here is yet another way of visualizaing the data presented by Google Trends for Websites. It’s called BigPicture and is a mashup of data which represents recently searched items, sites that are losing traffic and sites that are gaining traffic. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the lines in the graph to see emphasis placed on their line to view the domain name. To add your domain to the graph, simply type it into the search box. Naturally, I submitted Based on the results between July of 2007 through July 2008, we have peaked at or over 10,000 visitors but have leveled off since then.

Brightly colored lines were recently searched by other visitors to this site.

Red lines indicate sites which are losing traffic. Blue lines are gaining.

Of course, the sites with lines at the top of the graph include Yahoo,,,, and One thing I didn’t see was Even if I went to the Google Trends website itself, I couldn’t do a trend search for Google. Did they design it that way or is there another reason?