Latest Jobs Via Performancing Job Board

Considering the pay cuts over at b5media tacked onto numerous layoffs at other blogging networks, I thought it would be a good idea to take some time out every Sunday to highlight the most recent job offerings that have been submitted to the Performancing Job Board. Lets take a look at what we have this week.

Bloggers Required: Instablogs Blog Network is inviting professional Bloggers to contribute to blogs on Technology, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. The key to this role is that you are creative, an expert in online search/research and can bust out a 100-word blurb or 1000-word feature at the drop of a hat.

Expanding Network looking for pithy, experienced, funny…etc etc, bloggers…: We are expanding our network of sites and are looking for freelance writers with talent and experience to work with our existing team. They are currently looking for bloggers with expertise in the following areas: Gadgets/Tech, Mens Lifestyle/Design/Mens Fashion, Movies, and Music. Looking for a new blogger: The chosen blogger(s) will be responsible for 4-6 posts per week, averaging 300-350 words. The content of each post will mostly be at your desecration; however the topic will need to ‘fit’ into the theme of the site. All posts will be submitted in wordpress with a corresponding picture.

If any of these job offerings sound like something you’re interested in, stop by the Blog Offers forum and inquire from within. Also, if you are an employer looking for ways in which to advertise your job offering, register an account and publish your job offer on our forum as it routinely receives quite a bit of traffic.