PerformancingAds Now Offering Minimum 60% Payout To All Publishers

After getting lots of good feedback, we’ve implemented some new features at PerformancingAds and also have a bunch more planned in the works.

The most important update, one that’s gone live already, is that all publishers will receive a minimum 60% payout. Our best performing publishers will be offered up to 90%. The more you sell as a publisher, the more you keep. We wanted to reward publishers who are selling ads.

2 thoughts on “PerformancingAds Now Offering Minimum 60% Payout To All Publishers

  1. Yeah, I agree that this is a great move. Hopefully, when things improve further, we can offer more incentives for our publishers who stick with us, but, for now, I’m glad to see that the publishers will receive more money in their pockets.

  2. This is a good move Ryan. I was impressed with the service when it launched a few days ago however I thought that 50% was too high a cut for PerformancingAds to take. It’s good to see that you have responded to this (as I noticed a few other bloggers sauing the same thing).

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