1 Week Milestones for PerformancingAds

In just seven days, PerformancingAds reached some very exciting milestones. Here’s a bullet point list:

  1. Over 1300 blogs and websites added to our marketplace
  2. Over 450 ads created and booked in our system
  3. Thousands of dollars in advertiser buys

We think these numbers speak for themselves. If you haven’t given PerformancingAds a try, now’s a great time to get started.

Publishers Love PerformancingAds:

Since enrolling in the PerformancingAds, at least two ad regions for my blog have been booked a week. Many times all four regions are booked. Payment is prompt and support is top-notch. I earned more during six weeks with PerfAds than a year with Blogads.

– Deborah Ng, Freelance Writing Gigs

2 thoughts on “1 Week Milestones for PerformancingAds

  1. Michael, my screenshot is from a build of my site like 3 months old. I feel ya. Would be nice to force a manual update. Are there any support forums for PerformancingAds? I see their support forums for their other products/services on this site, but none of them seem specific to their PerformancingAds network yet.

    I’m hoping they can do a javascript solution like adsense so it will play nice with WordPress installs that are using the *very* popular WP-SuperCache plugin. I want to try the network but I dont want to compromise the caching and speed of my site.

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