What are the Benefits from Using the Services of a Digital Marketing Company

Online marketing has become extremely important these days with the increased number of companies that prefer selling their goods online. How can you benefit from working with an online marketing company? People have turned into a consumer society. This means that we want everything we need to be as close to us and as easily […]

video marketing tips

Are you Neglecting Your Video Marketing?

Video marketing can be a great opportunity to capitalize on one of the largest search engines in the world– YouTube. Additionally, other video sharing sites like Vimeo also bring thousands (if no millions) of views to the plethora of videos each site hosts. However, some companies are hesitant to get into video marketing because they […]

Ebooks incorporated into social media marketing

How to Incorporate E-Books Into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

E-books are PDF books that are usually 25-100 pages long. They can either be structured like white papers or more like actual published books. Most e-books share information or teach readers an important skill or strategy. For instance, an internet marketing company may publish marketing e-books entitled, “How to Market Your Business on Pinterest” or […]

The Nine Best Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

If you want to learn more about the social media industry, follow these top social media influencers on Twitter. Whether you are a social media marketing specialist or just interested in the industry, these experts provide valuable links and resources that you may not find elsewhere. iJustine: Justine Ezarik is an Apple queen and does […]

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How to Set Up Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing top ten social media networking sites currently, and has set itself up to become a major player in social media marketing strategy for many businesses. If your business has an e-commerce site or blog utilizing galleries or featured images, it may benefit from the creation of a Pinterest profile […]