The Nine Best Social Media Influencers to Follow on Twitter

If you want to learn more about the social media industry, follow these top social media influencers on Twitter. Whether you are a social media marketing specialist or just interested in the industry, these experts provide valuable links and resources that you may not find elsewhere.

  1. iJustine: Justine Ezarik is an Apple queen and does an amazing job at all things social media. She maintains an active presence on so many social media sites, it’s hard to believe how she does it. She is mainly known for her YouTube videos, but this girl is EVERYWHERE!
  2. Scott Monty: Scott Monty is the head of social media for Ford Motor Company. What may seem like an overwhelming responsibility to some has been a platform of success for Scott, who often speaks at social media conferences and explains how to use Ford’s strategies in other industries.
  3. Adam Ostrow: Adam is the Senior Vice President of Content and Executive Editor of, the extremely popular social media and internet news blog. He shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like working for Mashable while also re-tweeting great content and links.
  4. Jay Baer: Jay Baer is a celebrated social media consultant and author. His book, the NOW Revolution continues to be a hot seller and he also writes great content at
  5. Sarah Evans: Sarah is a great speaker and focuses on social media, public relations, and blogging. She does a great job with answering others’ questions and helping people when they need it. She also has a great perspective on industry trends.
  6. Mari Smith: Mari is amazing at Facebook and Twitter marketing. She regularly produces video tutorials and blog posts on that makes new concepts and marketing techniques easy to understand and implement.
  7. Michael A. Stelzner: Michael founded, which is an amazing wealth of social media marketing information. Each article is heavily researched and contains great information.
  8. Shelly Kramer: Shelly is part of V3 Integrated Marketing, which is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. V3 does a great job of both promoting the social media industry in Kansas City and in general.
  9. Jeff Bullas: Jeff is a consultant and speaker specializing in social media, internet marketing, blogging, and content marketing.  He blogs at, which gets over 100,000 hits a month.

These are just some of the social media influencers who would be beneficial to follow on Twitter.

Who else do you think would be beneficial social media-wise to follow on Twitter?