The Right and Wrong Way to Use Social Media Marketing for Blog Growth

Earlier this week, I wrote a post that explained the differences between social media marketing and content marketing.  Bloggers can use both methods of marketing their blogs in order to drive traffic to them.  In fact, you’re probably already doing social media marketing and content marketing activities.

But what are the right and wrong ways to market your blog on the social web?

My new book, 30-Minute Social Media Marketing, will be released any day now (you can check out a free bonus chapter here), and one of the things I talk about in the book is the difference between social media marketing success and failure.  There are three primary “rights and wrongs” that you need to be aware of as you venture into the world of the social web to promote your blog, grow your audience, and reach your goals.

I call these “rights and wrongs” the 3 Cs of Social Media Marketing Success or Failure, and the chart below can help you understand what these 3 Cs are all about.

Bloggers, just like businesses, who allow the online conversation to flow and let their audience take control of that conversation and experience that content in their own ways will achieve social media marketing and content marketing success.  However, those bloggers, just like businesses, who try to control the conversation and limit the flow of content across the social web will fail.  I clarify this concept in my book by explaining,

“There’s a fine line between behaving on the social web in ways that help you build bridges and acting in ways that cause those bridges to collapse (taking your messages along with them).”

Only you can decide whether you want to fully leverage the power, reach, and influence of the social web by giving up control and releasing your content into the virtual world.  You’ve already started by publishing a blog.  The rest is the easy part.

If you remember nothing else from my posts here on, remember this:

There is no bigger opportunity for businesses of any size (including bloggers and online publishers) to level the playing field, build their brands, and reach their goals than the social web.  You’re already there.  Let it work for you.

So what are you waiting for?  Get out there and publish amazing, shareworthy content and let the compounding effect of blogging deliver long-term, organic and sustainable growth for your blog!

4 thoughts on “The Right and Wrong Way to Use Social Media Marketing for Blog Growth

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  2. I find that great content really is the basis of the entire internet. It’s so hard to search for things these days to only find junk pages that have been outsource written for seo and don’t make sense. It’s more frustrating to find those things also on places like Facebook or StumbleUpon. I read a fact today that StumbleUpon is growing at a rate of 500,000 subscribers per month. How many of those are real subscribers though? I bet only a tenth are real people and the rest are robots. Kinda hard to have a conversation with a robot. LOL. 🙂

  3. Social Media has really given a more fair playing field for the newbie marketer. You can get yourself, business or brand out there very quickly to the masses.

    To do it right as Susan suggested there can be a fine line. Stick to the 3C’s and you won’t go far wrong.


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