How the Compounding Effect of Blogging Gives Your Blog a Huge Boost

The compounding effect of blogging is a topic I often discuss in my books, to my clients, and at speaking engagements, but in order to understand the compounding effect of blogging, you have to understand the importance of search engines in sending visitors to your blog.

Consider this…

Where do you go to find information about just about anything when you need it? Do you check the Yellow Pages? Nope. Do you go to the library and look at an encyclopedia?  Not anymore.  Today, most people have access to the Internet and they turn to Google or their favorite search engine (with Google being #1) to find the information they need on just about any subject.

Example — Imagine you have a website and you want to increase traffic to it.  Here’s how the compounding effect of blogging works:

  1. You have a website made up of 20 pages. That’s 20 entry points to your website for Google to find, index, and deliver in relevant keyword searches.
  2. You add a blog to your website, and you publish a blog post everyday for a year. Now you have 365+20=385 entry points to your website for Google to find, index, and deliver in relevant keyword searches.
  3. You publish posts on your blog and those posts offer interesting, useful, helpful or entertaining content that your audience finds value in. In other words, those posts are shareworthy.
  4. People find your blog content and realize it’s interesting and shareworthy. They share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. with links back to your blog. They write about it on their own blogs with links back to your blog. Now, the number of entry points to your website (via your blog) has increased exponentially. Your Google search traffic increases as all of these additional incoming links to your blog and website boost your Google search rankings, and traffic to your site from referrers across the web increases, too!
  5. Your website went from a static destination with 20 standard entry points to an interactive, engaging site with hundreds or thousands (or more) of entry points and an increase in traffic from search engines and referrers! You can’t buy that kind of exposure and growth potential!

The compounding effect of blogging really is that simple. It’s about creating shareworthy content and entry points, and it’s a method of building organic search traffic that has a good chance of turning into a long-term, sustainable traffic-stream and help you build a loyal audience.

Bottom-line: any blogger can benefit from the compounding effect of blogging, but it starts with creating shareworthy content.

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9 thoughts on “How the Compounding Effect of Blogging Gives Your Blog a Huge Boost

  1. Great points, Susan

    If you want to get an even better compound “interest rate” on your blogging efforts – make sure you develop a backlink building strategy which incorporates anchor text links for your targeted keyword phrases (whenever possible) – and link to specific pages of your blog or site (rather than just your general home page or main blog page).

    This is useful in terms of helping your site rank for specific terms you want to target.- and will keep driving targeted traffic to those pages in the future (vs. getting buried in the archives beneath newer posts).

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Excellent way to explain the importance of creating high quality content that is shareable. I had never heard of it referred to as the compounding effect of blogging, but it makes perfect sense to think of it that way. Good content that encourages sharing does indeed help create more entry points to a site or blog.

    1. @ Blog Angel, Thank you so much! The “compounding effect of blogging” is a term I created to help people understand why any business can benefit from publishing a blog, regardless of whether or not that business actually sells products online. I’m happy to hear that you like my description. 🙂

  4. One of the most powerful venues where I can find great references for my blogging contents are google scholar and google books. Great venue to crank up our brains in order to write quality and shareworthy materials for our blogs. Cheers 🙂

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