Taking Your SEO Back To Basics

A good SEO is always on the ball and always on the look out for the latest industry news, what’s no longer working and the latest tricks to get those rankings. For the most part those forward looking SEO’s are going to be the ones getting the results. However, it’s not always about looking forward […]

SEO For Videos: Why Google Loves a Search Engine Optimized Video

The upper echelons of the Google search results are being invaded by a newcomer; the search engine optimized video. But search engine optimization is all about coding and writing text, surely? Real SEO is stuff like keywords, language, semantically structured information, well-aged domains with buckets of trusted incoming links and well-written authoritative content? Well, it […]

How the Compounding Effect of Blogging Gives Your Blog a Huge Boost

The compounding effect of blogging is a topic I often discuss in my books, to my clients, and at speaking engagements, but in order to understand the compounding effect of blogging, you have to understand the importance of search engines in sending visitors to your blog. Consider this… Where do you go to find information […]