How to Get Massive Traffic to Your Blog Contests for Free

Blog contests are a great way to drive short-term traffic to your blog, and hopefully, if your prize is relevant to your blog topic, some of those new visitors who come to enter the contest will poke around your blog, enjoy what they see, and return!  Even better — they might tell their friends about your blog, link to your content from their own blogs and social web profiles, and more.

In other words, a blog contest can kick-off the compounding effect of blogging and help your blog grow in the short term and long term.

How do you get massive traffic to visit your blog and enter your blog contest?  Fortunately, it’s very easy and only takes a few minutes thanks to several websites that allow you to promote your blog contests for free!

Following are five websites where you can promote your blog contests for free.  All you have to do is register for each site and enter the information for your contest to get it in front of huge audiences of people who are actively searching for online contests to enter.  I have used all of these sites to successfully drive traffic to blog contests except, so I can attest to the fact that they work!


This is the best site I’ve used to drive traffic to blog contests.  Just create an account, login, and click on the Sweepstakes Directory tab in the top navigation bar and then the Add-a-Sweep link in the sub-navigation bar that appears.  Complete the provided form with accurate information, and your contest will be added to the directory.


This is another site that successfully drives traffic to your blog contests.  It’s actually a forum that you can register for and then post a new message in the forum to promote your contest.

3. Blogging Forum

The Blogging site has a forum that includes a folder dedicated to blog contests where you can register for a free account and post your blog contests to the forum at anytime.

4. Sweepstakes Forum

The Sweepstakes site also has a forum that includes a folder where you can register for a free account and add your blog contest to the list of contests and sweepstakes.


To publish a contest on the Sweepstakes Advantage site, register for a new account and click on the Add a Listing link in the left sidebar.

Blog Contest Promotion Quick Tip: To boost traffic to your contest, make sure the heading/title of your contest sounds really great when you submit it, because that might be the only information people see before they click through to enter your contest.  Make it impossible for them to resist by enticing them with a great title.

And don’t forget to write clear rules in your blog contest post.!

Where do you promote your blog contests to drive traffic to them?  Leave a comment and share your tips!

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14 thoughts on “How to Get Massive Traffic to Your Blog Contests for Free

  1. To get massive traffic to your blog, you need to do this consistently.
    1. Visit other people blogs and leave some comments.
    2. Join Social Communities such as MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog
    3. Optimise your blog for search engine.
    4. Submit article to Article Directories like Ezine Articles.
    5. Do social bookmarking after each blog post
    6. Using Twitter to annouce your new blog post
    7. List Building

  2. Hello Susan. This is a great post and the information you provided is definitely going to help drive more traffic to anyone’s blog. I never thought of this idea or concept before. Thanks again for this great strategy.

    Hameed Hemmat

  3. Hi Susan, thanks for the info about using blog contest to drive traffic, I actually think this technique is very plausible.

  4. Thanks for giving the helpful tips. I appreciate you a lot because you share what you know and give us a chance to promote our blogs and get massive traffics.

  5. Hello Susan,

    I find this article timeless since I am about holding some contests on my website.

    I have just checked out all the sites and will be registering with them as soon as my contests goes live.

    What comes after this is not supposed to be done here but I don’t know where else to contact you that I will get a prompt response. I am adding the message below with the hope that you moderate all your comments before publishing them.

    I have what I believe is a great idea for a contest that would not only add professionalism and value to the blogging world, but could become something great and exciting in the blogsphere if the right people support it.

    Welcome the “Top Problogger of the Month”!

    How does that sound? Good right?

    A continuous contest every month where people (fans and readers) choose their favorite blogger of the month. This offers a great value, professionalism and creates excitement in the blogsphere.

    Bloggers are chosing based on the value they offer in their niche and how they take the extra steps to help their readers. Who are better to make judge of that than the readers?

    There will be no mention of names for people to pick from because a favorite blogger wouldn’t be judged by how much he makes but how well he helps people.

    There is a form where they will type in their favorite blogger’s name and tell us why they choose the person. That is used to create a web page for them on my website. Where people can comment and rate their choice. At the end of the month the person with the most recommendations is announced as the winner and he get a $1,000 cash and a full page interview about his early days in blogging and his significant projects.

    This project is already live at except the cash reward part.

    I am looking for sponsors to make that happen.

    This is a winner Susan and it would be great and an honor to work with you on this.

    I welcome ideas from you.

    I am sorry for writing this here. I felt you had to hear it

  6. Your these all tips are looking very useful.i will use all these tips in future and i am sure that i will get some better and good result.

  7. I think that blog contests can definitely boost your blog if you’re offering something of value that your consumers want. It can be a way to boost traffic if implemented correctly.

  8. This is what I love about this site. Posts that give you hints, tips and techniques that you can really use. I’m going to include this post in my weekly online link roundup post.

    And I’m going to check these out and bookmark them. Thanks so much for this really useful info, I have contest planned in the near future and I wondered how I was going to get the word out.

  9. Thanks for this informative post. I always wanted to run a blog contest but did not want to give a big ticket item with only a few hundred visitors. Now I know how to get thousands and make the contest worth while.

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