How To Leverage The Most Cost-Effective Blog Advertising Method: Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most effective methods of increasing your brand awareness, attracting visitors to your blog and learning from the best bloggers in the field; thus helping you to fully grasp what your niche wants and needs. Its a blogger’s special tool for launching an effective advertising campaign and the only thing that will be spent with this method is time.

It is a proven method that I see many bloggers use to make strong connections in the blogosphere and grow their online presence to respectable heights. So let’s talk about how blog commenting, the right way, can give you that nudge you’ve been waiting for.

Create & Stick To A Schedule

I believe that every task in blogging should be done based on a schedule; of course, with a little room for spontaneous posts and marketing ideas. Creating a schedule will help you to plan ahead, foresee and prepare for possible difficulties and leverage market changes. So, do the same for your blog commenting routine. Set aside an hour or two at a specific time each day to visit other interesting blogs to comment on. This will be your hour of learning, sharing and promoting.

I see many successful bloggers who completely quit commenting on other blogs just because of a little success. Making blog commenting as important as posting will ensure that you get it done and do it consistently. In addition, other bloggers will be more likely to visit your blog regularly if you appear to be a genuine and dedicated blogger and reader.

Aim For Realistic Targets

Set a minimum number of blogs to comment on each day like about maybe 10, and give yourself a pat on the back or some other reward when you achieve it. Setting targets will help you to focus on this task better. Pretty soon, at the end of the month, you would have commented on up to 300 blogs if you stick to your plan. That’s 300 links that others can possibly click through to your blog and if you continue in the months to come, this can easily translate into thousands of links back to your site.

Adhere to Blog Commenting Rules

As you aim to grow your online reputation, its very important that you know and stick to the rules. Its very easy to become an outcast if you constantly break others’ commenting rules and it shows massive disrespect when you do. This is no way to build a solid reputation and attract visitors. If you disagree with what you read from other bloggers, say so gracefully with reasons and suggestions and without blatantly attacking.

Many blogs have a commenting policy explaining their rules; so look out for one when you decide to leave a oomment.

A Little Self Promotion Is Fine

Using links back to your own blog in comments can easily seem spammy so use this one with caution and think before you post. The most important thing is that you are providing extremely relevant and useful content through your links that strongly support or are related to the article you left the comment on. This can send lots of traffic to blog and especially if the comment is on a popular site, you will find that you will consistently receive visits through them even months later.

Discussion & Conclusion

Blog commenting in itself is a science that can be mastered to help you to soar sky high among the pros if you choose to do it right. However, don’t let commenting be solely about self promotion and getting something in return but enjoy yourself, connect with other bloggers while ensuring that you consistently contribute and add value to the blogs you visit. You will be more respected for this and your chances of success will be greater.

How has commenting helped you to grow along your blogging journey? Approximately how many blogs do you comment on per month? Please share your experiences with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

28 thoughts on “How To Leverage The Most Cost-Effective Blog Advertising Method: Blog Commenting

  1. Will it help the authority of one’s domain, certainly. Will it support Search engine optimization? Don’t understand what that implies, do you mean, will it assist you to rank? It can.

    Just maintain in thoughts, websites which you can glean the most authority having a followed or non-followed link, will likely be moderated. Finding the high quality from the comment to stick on the web page will be the first battle, to include constructively towards the conversation. In case you just spam a web page, it’ll be significantly far more obvious when you contain a deep web page URL than the root domain, a lot a lot more most likely to become eliminated.

    Start off on the web-site just contributing. Once a moderator understands you and you might have a fantastic status, then venture into dropping deeper linking URLs to your domain.

  2. Thanks for the insights. I am a relative newbie and I gained a great deal from your information. I was kind of feeling uncomfortable at the thought of blogging to establish a presence but you have given me a very different perspective. Thanks!

  3. Adding comments on others’ blogs is a good way to get backlinks. And when doing it, we will learn some new techniques, tips and methods.

    We should read the articles and give relevant comments. The important thing is adding value to the blogs you are commenting. The short phrase “good article”, “good post” “it really helps me” should never be left on the comment area, sometime I also believe they are just out of someone who doesn’t even read the post/article.

  4. There is a common blog commenting etiquette and most people who are looking to genuinely join the conversation while possibly getting some links, should know exactly how to do this.Seriously, I’ve always been in favor of gaining or giving links, providing the comments are of quality.

  5. There’s this super-specific blogging community that you only understand if you’re knee-deep in the trenches. So maybe my friends don’t 100% get why I dig comments, but anyone else with a blog understands how vital they are to not only your site’s survival, but to your sanity/ego/motivation to move forward with your life.

    We judge a blog entirely on its comments. I could give less of a sh*t if you get millions of readers every month, but if you’re getting 100 comments per post you are the cat’s pajamas. If you’re in PR you understand that reaching out to bloggers is important. But which bloggers do you contact? Those who are part of something bigger? The columnists for AOL? The biggies on HuffPo? Or do you go to the ones who have established their own little “cult followings”? People like The Bloggess or Marie Forleo…

    To be perfectly honest, the reason I comment on blogs isn’t because people ask. From my experience, both with my own comments and seeing why other people write, here are the top reasons I comment a blog post:

    * The blogger has said something I agree or disagree with strongly
    * I want to congratulate someone on a new job/baby/engagement/personal success
    * Something is hilarious and I want to add my own experience
    * Something is so amazing I couldn’t possibly leave the website without letting the blogger know how amazing they are but am too lazy to write an email (There is a fine line. Remember that.)
    * There’s some form of list, usually in advice-form, where I have something to contribute

    This is a great post!

  6. Blog commenting is one of the least effective methods of accomplishing the goal. It can be good for personal reputation management, but most people do not need personal reputational management.

    Does not work well for anything else and there are a lot more effective methods. Guest posting works well.

    Additionally, spammers do abuse this tactic.

  7. i love your articles youre always giving me great ideas on how to progress with my blog. thanks a lot for keeping us informed. i really appreciate all the essential knowledge you always provide us with =)

  8. Great ideas Joella! I’ve been trying to regularly comment on blogs but I had never heard of ElertGadget, I’ll have to check it out. I love when people comment on my blog, I always check out their site and comment in return.

  9. The added benefit of looking for Blogs to comment on is that you actually end up reading quite a few more blogs than you would have normally. And you might even learn something new!

  10. Hi – I think what is right overall in what you say is having fun while commenting. A good blogger inserted in his community is a person really interested in sharing. If at the end the only objective is growing your trafic you won’t last for long time or your comments will be less and less relevant & interesting.

    I think a good blog (the same for corporate blog) is first a good person behind who is interested not only in generating trafic.

    PS : sorry for my english (and my spelling mistakes!), I’m french…

  11. I enjoyed your post. I never really thought about commenting as a way to get traffic. Mostly because I don’t do it often. I am going to take a look at how I may do this and a way to incorporate it into a regular part of my day.

  12. Some businesses still fork out for expensive adverts that don’t work for them. They think they’re a short cut.

    Their most valuable prospective customers know better, though. The best buyers look for conent that’ll help them. And comments on blogs are a great way to share know-how.

    My feedback here is this:
    I’m happy to share some of my intellectual property (IP). I think that that everyone who wants to do presentations better deserves a few tips at least! And I’ve found that some of them want more. And they’re happy to pay too.

  13. Hi
    Thanks for this posting. I am fairly new to blogging and leaving comments can feel really scary. I guess some of it is finding your voice and some of it is worrying about giving offence or looking like you are just there to get a link.

    Your best bit of advice is to just enjoy yourself. Once you have found a handful of blogs that you like to read commenting suddenly becomes good fun and sometimes you even get into a dialogue.
    Its easy to get overwhelmed as there is so much out there so I tend to stick to just a few blogs. However I am going to take your advice and set some daily goals as I could do with expanding my repertoire.
    Cheers 🙂

  14. Hi Robyn,

    Some very good points here.

    The main aim is to try and add value to the blogs as well instead of just saying ‘great post’ all the time. Adding value will also enhance the chance of someone trying to find out a little more about you and click your name

    I would never add a link in the comments box unless it was to something adding extra value, not necessarily my own and definitely not an affiliate link, persoally to me, that is just spamming.



  15. Thanks so much for these great blogging suggestions -they nicely put things into perspective for me. It just seems so wierd to drop into this world of blogging. The communication exchange between 2 or more strangers on topics seem so fleeting and while satisfying to comment on something I am interested in, can seem like a huge use of non productive time. This helps me to gauge activity at the very least. I am adding your suggestons to my marketing plan!

    Have a great day.


  16. Good post. I give this basic advice to clients who want to drive traffic and get noticed. But your specific tips will be good to share with them. I will point to your post!

  17. Great article. I struggle with my own blog and think that making it a scheduled “task” could help. I like commenting on other blogs but sometimes I feel like I am only repeating other peoples comments.

  18. Commenting is indeed one of the most important and effective ways to promote your blog. The trick is getting organized and setting a schedule.

    This is something I continue to struggle with, but I am slowly and surely finding my way. Having the right tools for tracking the blogs I comment on has really helped. I use ElertGadget to track and connect with the blogs I visit regularly. It’s really helped cut down on the time I spend commenting.

    Look at me! I’m becoming efficient 🙂

  19. I keep hearing that this works, yet I haven’t tried it for some reason. Now that I have read this magnificent post, I think I will try. No harm in it, right?

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  21. Thank-you for the post!
    I think a gravator that is a picture of you also helps build your brand and let’s people know you are a real person.
    Elaine Evans Wilson

  22. I have seen this work in action. Not only comments to blogs are valuable, but I also suggest forums for a good place of exposure. Forums are especially good for dialog that lends itself well to blog topics as well.

  23. Make sure not to leave short comments which are obvious spam attempts like, “great article”. One liners are boring so beef it up as much as possible or be right to the point.

  24. Thanks for this.
    I have been guilty of failing to comment much recently due to pressure on my time but it is certainly a good thing to do! When you are starting out it gives you confidence, although I can still remember the hot panicky flushes when I realised I had spelled something wrong.
    One thing with comments is that people hate you to be negative or down on yourself, but equally I deplore the “look at me aren’t I fab” commenters. I guess we have to steer a middle path and be interesting and approachable.

  25. Now this is really funny. I am starting to comment on blogs to gain a little exposure about myself and my blog so I guess this is a good place to start. Yes you are right about having a plan and and also I would says goals.

    As you mentioned about commenting on 10 blogs a day. That is a good start and I will put it into my plan. I also made a video about how I use a simple white board to get through my daily tasks.



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