The Most Important & Effective Strategy When Business Blogging

Incorporating a blog within any small to large Corporate Blogging
organization’s website can be one of the most important decisions that could be made. Blogs are extremely effective for driving sales, web traffic, building brand awareness and strengthening relationships with customers. However, corporate blogging can be somewhat different from a regular personal blog due to differences in goals and audience but at the same time there are techniques that are guaranteed to produce results whatever the goals may be.

Let’s discuss what readers of corporate blogs are looking for and what elements will keep them coming back for more and even make a purchase.

Its Not Only About Self Promotion

Traditional advertising focuses on promoting how wonderful a company’s products are. We are constantly bombarded by these ads over the television and personally, I have become immune to every single one of them. I have never purchased an item based on just flat out promotion except for that once in a while awesome never before seen product. Also, technology has made it possible to skip advertisements so we might need to move away from television ads and find more unique and dynamic methods.

This type of advertising and self promotion will not work for blogging if you’re considering to move the same old strategy there. Its fine to have a post on new products, deals and freebies occasionally but it should not be the essence of your blog.

Connecting With Readers’ Experiences

If you take note, the most entertaining conversations are the ones that you can relate to and recall your own personal experiences. Usually, any product or service that a company sells, is created to solve problems or provide for particular needs. Find ways to connect with your readers’ experiences that will lead them to say, “Wow, that is so true!” Or “I never realized I had that problem.” As you begin to connect and provide the means for them to reconnect like allowing comments and using a real human presence to maintain and write for your blog, you will find that you quickly become an authority in your niche and receive more long-lasting customers.

What Do Your Readers Want?

Customers want products from companies that truly understand their needs and can provide services that are useful for their personal experiences. For example, if you sell cars and/or parts, you may want to have a blog like This website provides all types of useful information ranging from product reviews, recommendations, tips, tricks and general car advice. I can imagine myself making a killing in vehicle related sales if I had a blog like that. Imagine what an interactive online presence like this can do for your business.

The Strategy

So, the most effective strategy is simply connecting with your readers by blogging about experiences they can relate to. Capture their hearts and gain the trust of your readers by providing timely useful advice, open the doorway for feedback and questions, have a dedicated human presence on your blog that customers can relate to on a ‘first name’ basis and don’t make things too rigid, use customer complaints and difficulties as a guide for writing future posts and you will steadily become an online leader in your industry and customer and brand loyalty will improve.


If your company’s website does not have a blog, now is the time to start exploring what you can offer your online audience and have your web developer get to work. If you want more loyal customers then blogging is the easiest way to get started and cater to the new age.

If you already have a company blog, how has it helped your business and what have you learned about your customers and prospects? We would love to hear from you.

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  2. I could not agree with you more that people have become immune to advertising, in fact I can’t stand them. I have a DVR and I always fast forward through random commercials (to me all commercials are random). I don’t mind text ads on the internet because they are almost always more relevant and not intrusive. I can click on them if they interest me, and sometimes I do and sometimes I buy.

    It seems like the more technology like DVR’s has allowed consumers to skip commercials, the more advertisers throw commercials at us. On my cable company (Dish Network), there is an average of 4 consecutive minutes of commercials every 7-8 minutes on a prime time show. I never watch any of them, my DVR has the 30-second skip which I immediately press 8 times before I even look at the TV again, if there are still commercials, I press the 30-second skip one more time, if I went to far, I press the back button.

    I hate random commercials and I hate the companies that use them as advertising. I will never buy auto-insurance from Progressive because of their excessive advertising program.

  3. The post is great. The points you mentioned are really good. Thanks for your advice on corporate blogging.

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