Performancing Releases the Herald Theme for WordPress

Considered one of the premier sources of blogging news, commentary and information, The Blog Herald has gone through different iterations since its inception in 2003. Among the most successful designs was Brian Gardner‘s grey-themed three-column layout released in 2007. Performancing is releasing this theme as our latest free WordPress theme as the Herald Theme. Sporting […]

Performancing Themes go GPL

Over the years Performancing has delivered many differences services to its readers: PMetrics, Plugins, Perfcast, the Performancing podcast, and Performancing Themes. Performancing has released 20 different themes, designed by some of the best WordPress themers known, in little more than 2 years. Today we can proudly announce you that all our free themes have been […]

New Batch of Upgraded Performancing Themes Released

Treasure Theme has recently been released, but did you know that we also released several batches of upgrades for previously-released themes? Check out the list of updated themes, which includes the following: Blue Laptop College Theme Gangway Modern Paper News Theme Nightlife Nitrous One in a Million The latest batch includes: Photopress Redbook Simplicity ‘Tis […]

Performancing Theme Release: Treasure for WordPress

It has already been over a week since we released the Treasure theme on If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, you’ll want to. Treasure is a simple, two column theme that focuses on the content. Each and every blog posts is placed inside their own content box, allowing strong separation between […]

January Performancing Theme Release: Too Newsy

We are pleased to announce the January, 2009 Performancing Themes for WordPress release: Too Newsy. A three-column theme, Too Newsy uses minimal images and earthy colors, and a few touches of elegance, contributing to that old-world feel. The theme features widget-ready sidebars, which can accommodate several different image dimensions (suitable for button and banner ads). […]

August 2007 Theme Sponsorship Now Open

We are now taking bids for the August 2007 Performancing Theme sponsorship. Bids start at $500. To give you a sense of the value of a sponsorship, take our first sponsor, Fusilly T-Shirts for the Photopress Theme. That theme has only been released for about three weeks, and yet a search on the linked keyphrase […]

Performancing Stream of Consciousness – Wed Apr 9, 2008

Interesting links for Wednesday Apr 9, 2008: ScribeFire blog post editor, which is already incredible for streamlining blogging efforts, will have a great new feature: tabbed editing. That means that if you’re like me and tend to work on multiple posts simultaneously, ScribeFire will be an even greater productivity booster. There’s a preview release, before […]