August 2007 Theme Sponsorship Now Open

We are now taking bids for the August 2007 Performancing Theme sponsorship. Bids start at $500.

To give you a sense of the value of a sponsorship, take our first sponsor, Fusilly T-Shirts for the Photopress Theme. That theme has only been released for about three weeks, and yet a search on the linked keyphrase “funny t-shirt” brings Fusilly up on the front page of the Google SERPS (as of this writing). That’s a relatively high-competition keyphrase placing on the front page relatively quickly.

While we can’t make any guarantees, this should be evidence that you can achieve quick results with a theme sponsorship. So let the August 2007 bidding begin.

Here’s a preview of the August 2007 theme:

7 thoughts on “August 2007 Theme Sponsorship Now Open

  1. Congrats to Ahmed on his sponsorship of the News Theme! Bidding now closed for this.

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Is sponsorship for the theme still open? Is bidding open (here on the comment thread) or private?



  3. Went through the CSS, it’s quite easy to make the changes to the sidebar, no problems there.

    The theme itself looks good – the content area has enough space for a regular adsense block and the sidebar has space for 2 columns of ads.

    Lacks space for a header, but I figure you can easily add an image in place of the site title in the header.

    Good stuff.

  4. I’m thinking that the right sidebar can be modded to make it more suitable for advertising (i.e. showing 2 125×125 ad blocks side by side like marketingpilgrim or searchenginejournal do). Is the sidebar background image based or just CSS?

  5. Here’s a preview of the August 2007 theme:

    The News Theme is one more classic Performancing WordPress theme. The theme intends to mimic the look and feel of a print magazine or newspaper, with paper-like upper and lower edges, which is quite suitable for blogs that want to put forth a newspaper-y type of image (aided by the display of the current date on the masthead).

    The color scheme uses subtle shades of grey and blue, with the sidebar standing out with orange tints.

    News Theme is a two-column theme with a horizontal navigation bar at the header, and space for details and links at the footer. This gives the site a clean look and feel, with a wide fixed-width main body and a sidebar wide enough to accommodate long link text or banners. The space on the header can also be used for horizontal banners.

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