4 thoughts on “Are You Interested In Seeing Performancing Release BBpress Themes?

  1. Polls do not show up in RSS. Please prepend with “If you are in an RSS reader Please navigate to … to view this poll”…


  2. I would love to see that happen.. It will best if you could design themes that integrate with existing WordPress theme so that the blogs and forums have the same look and feel. I have hacked BBpress to make it look like my blog but it was not that easy..

    I will be following this poll

  3. I’m not saying Performancing would ever do this, but I am trying to gage the interest level if something like this were to occur. There are not that many good looking BBpress themes out their so to compliment our freely released WordPress themes, if the interest level is there, it would make sense to release a few BBpress themes per year.

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