5 Cool Retail and Ecommerce Premium WordPress Themes

Do you sell products online and need a cool WordPress theme to make your online store easy-to-use, easy-to-manage, and visually appealing? Fortunately, there are many free and premium WordPress themes that can help you create a great online storefront, complete with a shopping cart and all the features you and your customers need! Below are […]

Five Ways to Tweak a WordPress Theme

Ah, free WordPress themes. I’m convinced they’re one of the biggest reasons WordPress is the most popular blogging platform today. From one-column minimalism to grid-based magazine layouts, photoblogging styles to made-for-Adsense themes, there are free WordPress themes for every taste- just download, install and activate! But to set your blog apart, you’ll want to tweak […]

Performancing Releases the Herald Theme for WordPress

Considered one of the premier sources of blogging news, commentary and information, The Blog Herald has gone through different iterations since its inception in 2003. Among the most successful designs was Brian Gardner‘s grey-themed three-column layout released in 2007. Performancing is releasing this theme as our latest free WordPress theme as the Herald Theme. Sporting […]

Avocado Theme for WordPress

Green is the in thing today. We do want to save the Earth and the human population from a radical change in climate. The Avocado Theme reflects this philosophy, both with the green-themed color scheme, and with how the editorial and design team of Performancing strive to be green in the way we live and […]

Why invest in a premium theme for your blog?

There are a whole host of very good free themes for most blogging platforms, which can often be used “as is” or customized just a little to create something a bit different, but is it time you invested some money in a premium theme to really push your site forward? It’s true that content is […]

Performancing Themes go GPL

Over the years Performancing has delivered many differences services to its readers: PMetrics, Plugins, Perfcast, the Performancing podcast, and Performancing Themes. Performancing has released 20 different themes, designed by some of the best WordPress themers known, in little more than 2 years. Today we can proudly announce you that all our free themes have been […]

Treasure Theme

Ever wanted to explore for hidden treasure as a kid? Well, most of us have longed for, and still do long for, this kind of adventure. Most would keep other sorts of treasures in all sorts of places, in their proverbial treasure chests. Love letters are kept in drawers. Photos in photo albums. Toys in […]

Too Newsy Theme

We are pleased to announce the January, 2009 Performancing Theme release: Too Newsy. The Too Newsy Performancing Theme for WordPress is a three-column WordPress theme that uses minimal images and earthy colors, contributing to a touch of elegance. The theme features widget-ready sidebars, which can accommodate several different image dimensions (suitable for button and banner […]