New Batch of Upgraded Performancing Themes Released

Treasure Theme has recently been released, but did you know that we also released several batches of upgrades for previously-released themes?

Check out the list of updated themes, which includes the following:

  • Blue Laptop
  • College Theme
  • Gangway
  • Modern Paper
  • News Theme
  • Nightlife
  • Nitrous
  • One in a Million

The latest batch includes:

  • Photopress
  • Redbook
  • Simplicity
  • ‘Tis the Season
  • TDAge
  • Rubidious
  • Dark Laptop
  • Story Theme
  • Estranged

While the previous versions of the Perf Themes should work properly with WordPress 2.7 up, you won’t be able to use the advanced features like threaded comments, post classes, built-in image classes and gravatar support (where applicable). So download the latest editions now!

6 thoughts on “New Batch of Upgraded Performancing Themes Released

  1. Hi,
    There are various other pretty good themes but the problem is with the word press.
    Try to find the themes which are compatible with this.

  2. those are some pretty good themes but I can’t help but wonder if they are as compatible with wordpress as is stated. I’ve had compatibility problems in the past as I’m sure most web builders and designers have. I hope I have better luck on this round!

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