Performancing Theme Release: Treasure for WordPress

It has already been over a week since we released the Treasure theme on If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, you’ll want to.

Treasure is a simple, two column theme that focuses on the content. Each and every blog posts is placed inside their own content box, allowing strong separation between posts. Designed by Randa Clay, Treasure is easy to use, free and beautiful. If you want to add some colour to your blog, but also want to keep things looking clean and simple, check out Treasure.

Treasure Theme is optimized for use with WordPress 2.7 and above. It supports threaded comments, post classes, image captions and gallery classes introduced in this version of WordPress.

If you’d like to download Treasure, head on over to where it is currently active, and get your copy today.

This brings to nearly twenty free WordPress themes!

5 thoughts on “Performancing Theme Release: Treasure for WordPress

  1. I checked several themes on wordpress official theme site but I could only get 2 themes which could go with my blogs. I am wondering why I don’t get any treasure theme there? I am here on your blog via Google and I think your blog has more cool themes as compared to any other blog. I really like gangway theme and going to to download it.

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