Promote your Blog (Network) using a Toolbar

Admittedly, the “download our free toolbar to keep up with the latest news” gimmick got old and tiring very quickly. No one in their right mind wants screen space taken up by needless floating toolbars, and most Internet users find switching between toolbars a hassle. However, the toolbars that ARE successful have gone a long […]

Selective (Back) Networking: Kiss A Little Ass

Debng recently wrote of the importance of social networking. It’s true. Successful probloggers are the ones who find ways to engage their readers, and enter into long-running conversations with the greater internet community (rather than spitting out monologues). I want to suggest that there’s another form of networking that most bloggers don’t know the first […]

Is a good domain name as important as good content?

Domain names and quality content go hand in hand – it’s not a case of one over the other, rather it’s a case of getting both together to make a kick-ass blog. However, depending on which stage you are at in your blog’s life-cycle, each factor will have a different role to play and understanding […]

Server Woes

Well my LAMP server education has been short and intense over the last few days but I don’t think it is quite up to the task and the hosting company while probably better than most haven’t been much help. I do apologise for any hassle this is causing to you and your blogs. For all […]

Partners Network CPA Ads are Online!

We’ve just finished inputing the promised first round of CPA (cost per action) ads into the beta “Network Ads” program to backfill unsold ad space across the Partners network. Right now they are very broad in topic, as this is simply a test (but a test with the aim of making you money..), but presuming […]

Update on Performancing Partners Network Progress

I keep putting off posting on this as every day I think “yep, we’ll launch tomorrow for sure…” and as I’ve never been a great timekeeper, and a terminal optimist to boot, the days have just slipped by havn’t they? Sorry about that everyone, Im pretty sure the Perf community will forgive us our silence […] says, “Hi to all Diggers!”

Surprised? Well, read on… Early this morning, someone submitted a story on And Digg fans all over the world erupted in laughter and glee. Ever since the story was submitted, this is what appears, when Netscape is loaded into your browser:  The first is a four word expletive, and the second greets “all you […]

Netscape Stinks

Really, it does. It stank when they first relaunched it, and its not getting any better. In fact, as Netscape starts to get desperate, the tech crowd hammer on it and heavyweights call foul, it’s beginning to look like one hell of a wreck. Theres a lesson here, and it’s a simple one: Clones rarely […]