So, Google are Launching an Affiliate Network?

Surprise surprise, Google CPA ads are on their way… My first question is are they text, image, or a mixture? I can see from the quoted email that GOOG want you to pretend they’re part of your content, Ooops, i mean blend them.. see the great adsense hypocricy and part 2 so one would presume […]

Crazy Little Thing called (Google) Love

People are lapping it up. Google launched Spreadsheet on Tuesday and it was promptly covered. There’s a rumour about Picasa coming as a Web-based version soon. Anything Google releases is a matter of hot contention. It is not a question to ponder whether the interest in the product will be sustained or will die off […]

Build Your Own Ad Network

Last year, Darren wrote a great article on what he wants from an ad network, and I’ve been re-reading that post this morning as I jot down some ideas and fancies of my own. I’d like to revisit the topic today, and ask Performancing bloggers what they want from an ad network? Its a difficult […]

Networking For Blog Success

Sometimes it’s not just what you know, who you know (or get to know) can make a big difference. Have you considered networking to promote your blog? The value of “other people” in your success depends on your own situation but for myself I have to say that communities and certain individuals have been instrumental […]

Surprise! Yahoo! Buys!!

Tim Mayer must have been laughing his nuts off at SES this week when we had some coffee on Wednesday morning. I told him I’d recently switched to My Web2.0 (their version of but had just switched back as it had no damn firefox extension! Now I see he had something up his sleeve […]

Strength in Numbers: B5 Expands Network

B5Media have merged with About Weblogs. The merge will bring the total number of blogs under the B5 banner to 50. Power, and safety in numbers? Yes, i think so. This puts B5 squarely in the center of the emerging blog network industry, which is quite an achievment considering the network is only a few […]