21 Ways to Build a Better Blogger

When we talk about ‘creating’ better blogs, there’s an underlying assumption that it’s only the blog that needs improving. The reality is, us bloggers could use a huge kick up the ass once in a while as well. We get sloppy, we sometimes let our standards slide and worst of all, when it comes to […]

How To Make Your Boring Website Popular on Digg

As social media marketers, one of the most common questions we get about linkbaiting and social media promotion is this: My niche is boring and / or non-technical – how do I turn it into something popular and linkable? Last week I stumbled across a Wikipedia article that was, despite its dry (and boring) subject […]

10 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time

Web entrepreneurs, especially those who work outside the confines of the traditional workspace, often have trouble managing their time. This article proves 10 time-tested methods to get more work done than before AND free up the time we tend to ‘borrow’ from outside our work schedule. These suggestions are work well for bloggers, entrepreneurs and […]

Quality v Success: What Is More Important For You?

On one hand, you have the burning desire to create something remarkable, memorable, and of sheer quality. It takes time, love and hard work, and you run the risk that it will go unappreciated, for after all you are pandering to your own notion of what needs to be said and done. After all, to […]

Best of Performancing

There is a wealth of knowledge in the Performancing archives, which a lot of the new readers are probably not aware off. To rectify that, I started digging through the Perf archives to get the best articles, dust off the proverbial cobwebs and showcase them on the site. Here’s a list of the best Performancing […]

3 Steps For Writing Good Blog Posts

Thord (he of Swedish descent and bearing a reputation for ‘crack’ design skills) writes about the two most important skills a blogger can have. #2 is knowing how to blow your own horn (‘toot’ is so politically correct it gives me a shiver). Thord discusses it in some detail, and I like this part best: […]

3 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Networking Skills

Promoting websites online, just like in the offline world, is about finding the right people with the right resources and having them help you get the word out. By yourself, you are nowhere near as effective as when you have a network of contacts and friends working together to help you promote your new venture. […]

Have You Weaned Your Blog From AdSense Yet?

Chris, along with many other bloggers, are strongly against AdSense. To be fair to Google (and staying away from some silly reasons to hate AdSense), it’s not so much AdSense that’s a problem rather than the way you need to use it to get maximum revenue from it. If you, like Chris, do not want […]